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RIOT… completely fits his name! Totally, whole heartedly, and wildly amusing!! He was found as a stray when he was tiny and taken to a small rural shelter. After smoozing everyone at the shelter he made his way to EnchantMutts. We always like a challenge!

This little boy (DOB 1/28/2022) is a wonton, non-apologetic, loud, manipulative little boy who will play you like a fiddle… every single time – don’t let those baby blues fool you. With that being said… he will lead you down the path into happiness and make you laugh - Every. Single. Day. No exceptions. Packed with personality, love and the call of the wild. We suspect RIOT will top out at about 35 lbs.

RIOT is most likely a blend of border collie and/or Australian shepherd with some husky thrown in. He is so very unique and incredibly smart. He actually has quite the vocabulary and not only talks back every chance he gets – he will growl himself to sleep at night (TRUE!). He always has something to say and we often have to remind him that if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything… but it gets us nowhere and his opinion is always the right one… always gets the last word in this boy. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and you can read what he is thinking by watching his ears – he is quite the expressive little man.

RIOT still needs a lot of training though he’ll try to make you think otherwise – don’t fall for it - he is smart and he is a manipulator – though potential is huge as he is food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat. The world is his and we are just guests in it. He does enjoy learning and once he gets it – he gets it. Curious and adventurous, RIOT has overcome his fear of humans and will crawl into laps for some cuddles and pets if he likes you. A bit shy upon meeting new people and overcoming it… you still have to earn his trust.

RIOT is still pretty much a pup. He owns every toy in the house and demands at least ten. He loves to play with them, chew on them, toss them – alone or with canine friends and he has a bit of an independent streak. But alas - RIOT truly needs a canine companion to boss around or boss him around – depending on his mood. He loves to play tag and equally enjoys being the chasee or chaser. He loves his foster siblings and while he will never admit it – loves to curl up with them to nap so he needs at least one buddy who is willing to put up with his shenanigans and show him the ropes. He does great with all people but tiny people would not be a good match (too much competition) so dog savvy kids over 10 please.

RIOT will brighten your days, make you smile and test you to the limits – we adore him and he will need a family who is active and enjoys a challenge – he will need lots of adventures in his life and activity. RIOT is current on his vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, been wormed, micro chipped and neutered. He is house trained with a dog door, crate trained, gets along great with other dogs (needs another one in his forever home), and does great with cats - always with the right introductions of course.

If you are looking for perfection – swipe left… if you are looking for a challenge and the thrill of taming a wild tiger and earning the love of a renegade who will love you forever  – please complete an application (at the adoption process button above) and submit to info@enchantmutts.org. Let us know why you think RIOT might be a fit for your family – we’ll see if he agrees.

Sorry - RIOT WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

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