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Success Stories - Forever Home

KEELEY (formerly WHIMSY)   BOO (Thank you Catopia Cat Cafe! (ABQ)) ELLIE MAE (forever ELLIE MAE)
whimsy   boo cat ellie mae 2
S A M (forever SAM)   EMMA LOU (forever EMMA) w/folks Berl and Kathy ANGEL (forever ANGEL)
aus T Sam   eEmma Lou Success aus angel
LINCOLN (formerly CHEECH)   TED (formerly CHONG) TRES (forever TRES)

aussie cheech



  aussie ted yaeger
GRACIE (forever GRACIE)   RUE GENTRY (forever RUE GENTRY) KODY (forever KODY)
gracie   rue kody
COCO (formerly CLOVER)   QUINN (forever QUINN) ALFIE (formerly GIUSEPPE)
clover   quinni gg6a
LUIGI (forever LUIGI)   JOJO (formerly CRACKLE) HOOTIE (forever HOOT)
bpop   jojo adopt hooter
FENNEC (formerly SHOUT)   TSELA (formerly HOLLAR) RUKUS (forever RUKUS)
shouter   hollar rukus1
JASPER (forever JASPER)   OONAGH (formerly COTTON) aka Rotten Cotton Cooney BELLE (formerly SHAMMY)
jasper1   cotton shammer1
ANGUS "GUS" (formerly TANK)   KITTY KIMBLE (formerly TALLY) MUPPET (forever MUPPET)
tank1   tally4 poodle boy
ZIGGY STARDUST (formerly TULLY)   LARK (forever LARK) LUKE (forever LUKE)
tuly   lark luccer
HAZEL (formerly LULU)   ZOE (formerly LYRIC) MOOSE (formerly LINC)
lu   1lyric linc1
LOKI (forever LOKI) of Lark's Luscious Littles   WILHELMINA (forever MINA) OAKLEY (forever OAKLEY)
loki   mina2 oak
COOPER (forever COOPER)   ALF (formerly SHEP) RUFUS (formerly Red Ryder)
cooper rn   shepboy redryder
REGALO de CALIDAD (forever REGALO)   ABA AIDAR (forever A L I) M A C - (formerly Lil' Mac)
regalo man   ali man lil mac6
LOLA PERIWINKLE (formerly Periwinkle-Wink)   ROCKET (forever Rocket) OLIVER - OLLIE (formerly Louie)
wink   rocket man lou1
JAX (formerly Sonny)   ZOE BELL (formerly Cher) COLT (forever Colt)
sunny3   zoe colt
JOEY (formerly D'Popp)   CASEY (formerly LOLLY) DRU (formerlyTWIST with his folks)
pop11   lolly success twist adopt
SCOUT (forever SCOUT)   Win-WINSTON (forever WIN with his folks) MATZI (formerly POSEY)
scout   winfam poser22
TRAGEN (forever Tragen and Steph)   REILLY (formerly Dash) SANTIAGO (formerly Gabriel)
tragen 1   dasha gabriel
TOBY   KIPPER (forever Kipper and Mom, Dad and Shadow) ZUNI (forever Zuni)
TOBS   kipper riley zuni
GRACIE (formerly Stevie and Folks)   TILLEY (formerly Lil Boo Peep) DJ "Dinner Jacket" (formerly Buddy)
EMILY (formerly Chia)   RUE (formerly Paddy and Dylan) JACK (Forever Jack on left) and Gracie
chia1   pads jack and gracie

Jema (Forever - on right) Together!

  Jynx (Forever - on left) Together! MIlo (formerly Pan)
jema and jynx   jynx and jema pans1
Joey (formerly Rook)   Oliver (formerly Hamish) Soleil (forever Soleil)
rookerpoo   hammy2 soleil
Janey (forever Janey)   Jake (forever Jake) Benjo (formerly Bear)
janey   aussiejake bear in cart
Bramble (forever Bramble)   Lacey (formerly Be Be) Kantuta (formerly Kelsy)
brammer   be be kelsy
Bella (formerly Portia)   Galileo (Gally) Special Agent Seeley Booth "Seeley" (Formerly Chaps)
p3   galileo5 chaps3
Sadie Lu (Formerly Lil' Lu Lu)   Sallie (Forever Sallie) Teddy (Formerly Seely)
babygirl   sallie



Dutch (Forever the Flying Dutchman)   Jazzii (formerly Wicket) Sidney (forever Sidney)
dutch2   wickerjazz sidder
Morgan (formerly Gunner)   Gracie (formerly Finley) Apricot
gunner   finley2b ap3
COCO   Rowan (formerly Wren) Coco Chanel (CeCe)
COCO   rowan1 cece
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