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Luna (formerly Jessie)   Charlie on the right (formerly Newt Scooterbutt) and his brother Loki on the left - Tri Boys! Quick (forever Quick)
jessie1   newtloki

small quick

Quick found his forever home with us (Jim and Cheryl) in December 2016. We visited Quick and many other 4-legged friends that day, but it was Quick who chose us. That was one of the sweetest moments of our lives.
We have an unusual existence flying back and forth between Albuquerque and Anchorage, AK. Quick enjoys his life in both homes. He loves his 2 nieces in Alaska, Harp and Bailey - also rescues, his little corgi friend Wallis and anyone with treats! He’s enjoyed a basic class, 2 agility classes and countless hikes in the mountains of New Mexico and Alaska! Quick loves his toys and always reminds dog dad, JB, to play with toys after dinner. Quick loves to be combed by mom, Cheryl, and sleeps on his dog bed next to her each night.
We adore our Quick dog and are thankful every day for his addition to our family.

Brinkley (forever Brinkley)   Jake (formerly Kipper) Shelly
Brink   kipweb shelly
Toby (formerly Fergus of Fin's Fab Five)   Mauka (formerly Frenchie of Fin's Fab Five) Kai (formerly Fabio of Fin's Fab Five)
webfergus   webfrenchie webfabio
Alexa (formerly Folly of Fin's Fab Five)   Foster (forever Foster of Fin's Fab Five) Layla
webfolly   webfoster1 Layla
Ella (formerly Bella)   Skip (forever Skip - Border Butt Addition) Budi Boo (formerly Fig)
bella   skipper figlet1


  Wolfie (formerly Whisper) Mick Dundee (forever) and Mattie
laia1   whisper2 m&M1
Jo Jo  
Mattie May (forever)
Peeka Boo (forever)
jojo1   mattie1 peeka1

When Jim and Fay saw Mattie’s picture – they knew she was the one for them!  After having lost their three girls over a short period of time to old age ailments - their home was empty without a fur kid.  When they met Mattie – she placed herself right between them both and put a paw over their legs and said “Mine.”  Simple as that!!  She is now loving a wonderful life where she will never be abandoned and keep watch on her fenced acreage – chasing bunnies and taking long hikes with dad.  We love it when a perfect dog finds her perfect home!  From day one Mattie was one of the sweetest dogs; kind, courteous, social, friendly and with no baggage. When we bring dogs into rescue – we expect to always do some training with each and every one.  Mattie was a welcome exception to the rule – she had obviously been loved at one time and how she went unclaimed at a rural shelter is a mystery to us.  But things happen for a reason and Mattie has found her forever home!  Lucky girl!

Sometimes we bring in dogs because of a look in their eyes and they talk to us and often times, we know we have a challenge ahead of us.  Peeka Boo was such a girl, semi-feral and petrified in a rural shelter.  We knew when we pulled her – she would need some time and a great deal of TLC.  But they always amaze us by the progress they can make.  With some time and the ability to grow and know humans weren’t all bad – Peeka has turned into a hugging machine!  Peeka was waiting for her perfect home and find it she did!  It is always amazing to watch a connection happen – and when it is instant – your heart just glows.  We got to witness a wonderful connection with her entire family – with dad (the apple of her eye), mom and her brother Macduff.  We have learned to accept that some things are meant to be and Peeka picked her family – just as they picked her.  She was waiting for them – she knew where she needed to be.  Long and happy life – Peeka Boo Jones – May you love your acreage, your BFF and your summer lake trips – you desire it girl!!

Flirt (forever)
Abby (forever)
Ringo (formerly Sam of the Hobbits)
bb1   abby12 ringo1

The latest addition to the Border Butts!  Miss Flirt – utterly fabulous and utterly home!!  We love our repeat “defenders” – and are so fortunate they keep coming back to give these wonderful dogs an opportunity to have the life they deserve.  Flirt is ruling to roost at the bachelor pad and things are as they should be!!  Love at first sight for everyone.


This wonderful pup is one lucky girl!  You can read about her further in our Special Stories section.  Pulled from a rural shelter and brought into EnchantMutts – she was initially shy but has become a wonderful girl – sweet, kind, loves kids and a happy, happy girl – always smiling.  But with many of the dogs we pull – we never know what we are getting and sometimes things pop up.  Abby had a growth on her mouth and it was removed – it came back a second time within two weeks and a second surgery was performed and then it came back again a third time – with a vengeance.

We were stumped – Abby was a vibrant one year old puppy – how could this be?  She found a wonderful family who loves her dearly and she is completely in love with them!  With her mom and dad and her three wonderful kids that she adores – we knew we had to do everything we could for her and her family was not about to give up on her!  So this lovely young lady had surgery a third time and a mandibulectomy was performed and much of her bottom jaw had to be removed – thank you Dr. Taggert and the wonderful staff at VCA.  This cheeky girl took it all in stride.  She doesn’t know she is different and she eats like a champ – proof that you can’t keep a good dog down.  The kids all now have the most unique dog in the neighborhood and can boost about just how special she is.  Diagnosis is good and we know she will live a long and healthy life – taking care of her kids and enjoying life!  We don’t give up easily on our dogs and Abby is the perfect example of why we will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure they get the best.  We think she is worth every penny.  We all love you Abby so grateful you now have a great opportunity for a wonderful life!

The littlest hobbit – little Ringo!  His sisters ran right over him while growing up and he is so good natured – he didn’t care.  He was biding his time!  The sweetest cuddlier of all the hobbits – he loved to sit back and watch.  While the girls were getting into mischief – Ringo was watching and learning.  Sweet and one of a kind – little Ringo.  He is now living life the way he was meant to – playing endlessly with his sister Cali and smoozing his way into the hearts of his folks – Bill and Donna. 

This boy gets to spend his time between big city life and life in the mountains.   He watches the elk from his porch and lets his big sister (routine now) make all the noise and teach him the tricks of wildlife!  Thank you Bill and Donna for seeing this little jewel – could not have parted with him except for his perfect home!  Happy life - little man Sam!

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Kimber (formerly Pippin of the Hobbits)
Rosie (forever Rosie of the Hobbits)
Molly (formerly Merry of the Hobbits)
pippin3   rosie12 molly12

Independent Kimber could not have landed in a more perfect home!  Bev and Rob were used to dogs that bring along a little attitude and they picked the right one of the hobbits.  The first to run off on her own and explore and get into mischief – little Kimber has certainly got the ‘tude!  With her brother Colt at her side – Kimber is always ready for action! 

Spending her days exploring and her weekends camping (ok – not the rough kind but in a big RV – spoiled girl) – Kimber is Living La Vida Loco!!  She is growing into a gorgeous girl with the most beautiful markings – always unique and always with an eye open for trouble – she found the perfect place to live life to the fullest!  Thank you Bev and Rob – happy life Kimber!


The beautiful red head Rosie!  Always up for a challenge and tons of typical red head mischievousness!  This little girl is a bit of a fire cracker and she found the perfect active home with her family!!  Always active and ready to play – Rosie fits right into her very active household!  She will fool you though and loves her cuddle time but on her terms. 

First thing she learned was how to swim and now can do laps in the pool.  Never one to ignore a challenge she is always ready and able to give anything a go.  Thank you Michael and Barbara for knowing she was the one to make you laugh and give you a run for your money!!  Lots of laughter and fun is Rosie and living a life of fun – she is such a fit for always on the go!!

Beautiful Molly of the fluffy coat and never known to turn down a meal!  What a pretty girl she has always been.  One up and one down in the ear department (totally irresistible) – this girl has found her BFF with her sweet beagle sister Carly.  Cuddly, super sweet and ready for adventure (if someone will tag along with her …) – Molly is living her perfect life in the mountains with her family. 

Spoiled rotten but yet always a good girl – this beautiful girl has everything she could ever dream of and is grateful.  Sweet, sweet Molly!  Kind and gentle and an open eye for any kind of cuddling – sweet Molly is home.  Thank you Dennis, Susan and Trevor for finding her and making her your own!

Jack (formerly Puzzle)
Maddie (formerly Riddles)
puzzle1   riddles1 sasha12

Just a mangy little Rez pup – a bag of bones that someone dumped chemicals on and tossed aside – that no one cared about . . . that is how Jack started his life.  Time and time again – these wonderful animals show their courage and prove it should be a privilege to have a pet.  A bit of time, a bit of treatment and the ability to show who they are – each one offers many wonderful things.  Calm, kind, happy and so sweet – Jack was given the opportunity to shine.  His back will always carry the scars of his burns but time has proven he has forgiven. 

His wonderful mom Megan knew when she met him – he was the one for her and he will spend his life giving back to many in need (it runs in his family!).  He has started his therapy dog training and already has a following at his Grandma’s nursing home.  His destiny (and his calling) you see – is to bring kindness and joy to those around him.  With his mom’s training ability and his fabulous personality and kindness and his desire to always please – Jack has a wonderful life ahead of him.  Overcoming abuse and moving forward to bring joy and happiness is truly justice for this wonderful boy.  Thank you Jack for teaching us so much and thank you Hull family for giving him such a wonderful life – it is truly a joy to watch Jack and Megan work together.  Live long and happy dear Jack – show ‘me what you got!!


Beautiful bold Maddie!!  This girl charmed her poppas’ right from the start – she had a mission!  Randy and Jeff got the perfect complement to their Brody who is Maddie’s Bestest Friend EVER – inseparable those two critters and what a perfectly matched pair.  A rough start to life but nothing that her folks couldn’t take care of and she is now enjoying the best life has to offer – loving her dads.

From her wonderful home - every border collie's dream - to her hikes with her family – Maddie is one lucky girl - she gets to do everything with her family.  Her hardest decision to make nowadays is which doggie bed to get into. ..  Well ok . . . early morning wake-up calls on the human bed are her favorite – hands down!!  Thank you Randy and Jeff for giving this wonderful girl such a wonderful opportunity – she won’t let you down – and I think you know that!  Long happy life beautiful Maddie!!

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Gemma Lou
Minnie (formerly Kensie)
gemma1   lila1 kinsie1

Dear Gemma Lou - shy, gentle and a bundle of sweetness!  This little girl hit the jackpot with her daddies!  Spoiled rotten and loving every moment – she has found her heaven!  She spends her days playing with her sister Sasha Marie and harassing her kitty sister Missy and most importantly making her dads laugh out loud.  She is the queen of the house and the greatest lizard chaser of all time (Sasha Marie taught her that!).  Sasha Marie would beg to differ on who the real queen is!  Thank goodness John and Dale have plenty of love to pass around.  From a not so good start in life to enjoying her life spoiled rotten – Gemma Lou has gotten the home that doggies only dream about!  Happy life sweet girl!!


Sweetest Minnie – abandoned in the country and taken to a small rural shelter - where she was out of time – we took her in.  Older, in bad shape yet with a smile and a tenderness about her that touched our hearts – she wore her heart on her sleeve and her eyes are incredible – the stories she could tell.  She needed extra care and that is what she got.  Her sweet soul blossomed with good care and love – she found her perfect home with Jim and Cheryl.  They knew she was theirs when they saw her picture.  This beautiful soul went to the most perfect home. 

She and her big brother Ziggy are spoiled rotten and love their folks and are enjoying their lives.  Minnie has certainly earned her nickname – Minnie the Moocher and her antics and mischievous side came out in full force once she was home with her family.  We have exceptional adopters and we are grateful when they find EnchantMutt dogs but those that take in an older dog are in a league all their own.  Thank you Jim and Cheryl – wishing you years of love and mooching - Miss Minnie!!

Angus (formerly Austin)
lexi1   nikki1 austin1

Little Angus – dumped in a rural shelter as a mere 7 week old pup where he received nothing but parvo – showed his fighting spirit. Busted out of jail, transported a couple hundred miles straight to an animal hospital - Angus was touch and go for a bit.  But good care and his will to live let us see what a great boy he was!  Thank you Petroglyph Animal Hospital! 

From the get go – this quiet – wise beyond his years beautiful boy was a joy to have around.  After losing their long time border collie – and realizing their Irish wolfhound was grieving – Eileen and Grace came to meet Angus.  He was determined to win them over and win them over he did!  Angus is now the best friend of Riley and a comfort and joy to his family.  Living the good life on his ranch as protector of his home - with his BFF Riley, horses, chickens and his family – Angus is one happy boy!  Sometimes these dogs – even when the odds are against them – show us their resilience and their determination,  Angus – you are one special boy who found his own special family - thank you Eileen and Grace!

Saga (formerly Effie)
Luke (forever Luke and forever fabulous!)
effie1   luke1 mia1
Even the saddest stories can have a happy ending when good people come together to save a soul. Found alone and starving on a country road in the middle of nowhere and taken to the local shelter by a good Samaritan – Saga was but a wee 7 wk. old pup. Word went out and we said we would take her. Before she could even begin her journey to safety, she came down with parvo. She spent the next 7 days at the vet’s office and then a few more with a wonderful rescue friend (Carolyn) before she came to Albuquerque. In spite of it all, this lovely little girl came with a smile and brightness in her eyes that won everyone over! A special sweetness and sensibility that makes her one of a kind and just a beautiful girl inside and out, and it was only with the promise of a wonderful home did her foster folks Lynda and Lynn even consider giving her up. 

Well worth the effort for this girl – ask her family! Saga is now bringing joy to everyone she meets including the chickens (yep – she has a job!). This sunny girl is tucked in tight with Roberta and Kent who fell in love with her when they met her and her sibling Border Collies (Molly, Toosie and Zeus) and her best buddy Ralph! With endless energy and always laughing, Saga is living her life in style on her big acreage, racing madly with her siblings and guarding the property. She is so smart and gets along with everyone. She loves her reading time snug in dad’s lap and ready to burst out the gates to follow mom for chicken duty (her siblings hot on her tail) and adores her walks along the ditch banks – little Saga is home. 

We expect great things from this girl – a perfect candidate for some therapy work and smart enough to help mom out at her store. Saga is a true rescue story. Many thanks to all who made her journey possible and the biggest thanks from her family who have tucked her under their wings to live life to the fullest!
  Our beloved senior dog recently died from cancer, and our house was so quiet and sad without her. Toby, our lab/shepherd mix, was grief-stricken and simply lost without his big sister. So, for several months, I searched online for a rescue to join our family. After many inquiries and meeting a few adoptable dogs who weren’t the right fit, I found Luke’s listing on Petfinder. I was definitely impressed by what I read about him. Not only was he a beautiful, bright-eyed dog, he seemed well-behaved and had the qualities we desired in a furry companion. 

So, I inquired about Luke and filled out an EnchantMutts application. His foster mom, Kristi Edwards and I talked on the phone about Luke. At the end of the conversation, we arranged a “meet and greet.” This was quite successful, with Toby and Luke interacting well together and Luke coming easily to both me and my husband. A friend had said, “You will know in your heart which dog is the right one when you meet it.” I felt in my heart that it was Luke. I also had two other signs that Luke was the one: while looking for a billfold in my daughter’s night stand, I found a little black and white collectible dog that looked a lot like Luke; and Toby’s name before we adopted him was “Lucas.” 

A few days after the “meet and greet,” Kristi brought Luke to our house for a “doggie sleepover.” In a short time, Luke bonded with us and with Toby. He was in his new forever home! We couldn’t be happier. 

Many thanks to Kristi Edwards and to the other volunteers who rescued Luke, nursed him back to health, and through training helped him to blossom into the wonderful dog he is! The work you do is most appreciated by us, and by the dogs you save! 

~Nylea Butler-Moore
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Sweete Peete
chase1   sweetepete1 macey1
Pixie (formerly Pia)
Willoughby (formerly Ricco)
Pip (formerly Pippa)
pia1   willoughby1 pippa1
What a rascal that Steve and Lois now call their own! The world is her oyster, says Pixie! This little girl with her wonderful blue eyes was a blast from day one – seeing fun in everything and loving life – her off button working sporadically at best! The princess of the castle for sure and now loving life with her sister, Sugar, and her four kitties (one kitty is her best friend!). Spending her days hiking and playing and her evenings wrapped in comfort (and quilts!) - Pixie is living the dream. Saved at the last minute from a rural shelter and saved by her new family to begin her life and continue her adventures, smarty pants Pixie is living large! There has always been a bit of a “pixie” in Pixie – small, smart, wonderful sense of humor and with the gumption to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, this blue eyed wonder now has it made. Thank you Steve and Lois for giving this girl such a great home – we know this little lapdog will never want for anything!   Sometimes these little rascals come to us with the support of many people – such was Willie’s story. Pulled from a shelter at the last moment and with the help of a few good rescue friends, this bouncing boy’s journey brought him to Albuquerque and straight into the hands of his family as foster to adopt. Just a wee pup and knowing nothing but willing to please, this little boy’s personality certainly is larger than his little body! Coming in at a whopping 15 lbs full grown, or to equate that in dog lbs – 105 lbs of personality, or on some days per his family – 105 lbs of springs in his legs! 

A “Pappy Collie” (Border Collie and Papillon mix) or a “Pappy cat” (Papillon and domestic long hair feline) HA! seems to suit him just about right – living the large life with Ed and Kathleen. Whether he is out running with the horses, chasing the birds on his acreage or curled up on the cat tower, Willie knows he rules the roost, or so he thinks until the cats have their way with him. They really rule the roost and on a good day allow him to think he does. Happy Pappy is probably the best description of him – he always has a smile on his face and loves everyone - canine, feline or human! Packed with energy and personality, Willoughby brings laughter and joy to his family every day and we know he is in the best of hands! Many thanks to all who made his journey a good one and the right one. Keep on springin’ Willoughby!
Our wild and crazy girl! Dear Pip – found the most perfect home with Nathalie and crew! This sweet girl gets to run all day long and joins her mom everywhere she goes – even sleeping on the pillow next to her. Living in Pecos on a huge ranch and helping with all the chores – Pip is in heaven! Whether she is racing along with the horses on trail rides, riding on the gator, checking the 1,000s of acres in the passenger seat of the truck, rounding up the horses, playing with her sibling BCs and Leonbergers (at ten times her size!), or herding the chickens – Pip has found her forever home. A true rags to riches story for our princess – and princess she is! Spoiled rotten and loving it! Thank you Nathalie and Journey, Dudley, Casey, Kian, Picolina and Little One for giving Pip the ultimate home and a great adventure every day!
Sage (formerly Lucy)
Clara (formerly Becky)
lucy1   clara1 jack12
    Clara was in the shelter waiting for almost 6 weeks, but after she was rescued by her foster mom, it only took her 2 days to find her 'fur'ever family. Thank you Matthew, Ellie, Ann and Michael for opening your hearts and home to "Clara."  
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duke1   jenny1 tex12
Gus (forever Gus)
Penelope "Penny" Pie
Emma (formerly Honey Bun)
gus1   pennypi1 emma1
This wonderful boy picked his home right from the get-go – he saw his mom and focused right on her. Such a sweet and kind boy even as a pup, his destiny has always been to do therapy work and he will get the opportunity! You name it – he can do it! Flying through all his puppy classes (as the shining STAR!) and providing his mom Gina with everything she hoped for, Gus is well on his way to putting a smile on everyone’s face – from classrooms full of special children to whomever he meets along the way, Gus has such an impact and is fulfilling his destiny - spreading happiness wherever he goes and to whomever he meets. 

As his mom Gina says – My 'Guster' continues to be such a blessing to me! We've had lots of fun together at home, visiting at my friends' homes, classes, walking, and going to the dog park! He LOVES the dog park! He gets along with everyone and loves to play with any fellow doggie . . . big or small! He's the love of my life! Thanks for bringing Gus into my life! He rescued me! :) 

Gus is proof that sitting in our shelters, everywhere and everyday, are these wonderful companions just waiting for someone to say – THAT ONE. So proud of you Gus and so looking forward to knowing you will get the opportunity to touch so many. Happy life pretty boy!
  After Kristi rescued Penny, we were in turn rescued by this wonderful dog. We had lost our beloved 13-yr. old lab / heeler cross Lacey to kidney disease and were just miserable without our doggie companion. Encouraged to check out rescue groups by neighbors who have adopted many dogs over the years, we started checking out websites. From the moment we saw her, we knew Penny was the one, and here's why: The last dog listed on EnchantMutts' website, she was listed as Penelope "Penny" Pie. It was love at first sight, such a cutie, but her NAME - her name was what told me it was meant to be. You see, believe it or not, my best friend growing up was Penelope "Penny" Pye!! I went running to tell my husband we had to meet this dog! 

A meet and greet, then a sleepover to make sure the cat Baxter approved, and we became her forever home. She has made great strides, learned how to relax, and is truly a happy girl, but we can only imagine what Penny had been through when Kristi found her at a shelter. It was obvious that this poor girl was not treated well and had learned to be afraid of many things: men with beards, any kind of chain, going in and out of doorways, sudden movements or noise. Kristi had worked with her, taught her commands, and showered her with love. Being the smart girl that she is, Penny has continued to quickly pick up happy dog traits and is easing into a life of safety and love.

She starts the day as Wiggle Penny, jumping on the bed (formerly only the cat's domain, now Baxter gives her a disgusted look from one corner of the bed - "Dogs are so uncouth!") as she wriggles on her back, begging for play and affection. After breakfast and a long walk, she still has enough energy to become Penny Zoomers, racing around her acre as if we have fed her jet fuel, chasing balls, rings, and attacking human feet. Mid-day she drops into a well-deserved coma either in the grassy yard or keeping me company, along with Baxter of course, in my work area. I'm so jealous I don't get to go back to sleep like they do . . . Celebration when "dad" comes home, a good meal and more Zoomy Play round out her day, along with barkies at the neighbor dogs walking by. Evening finds she and Baxter taking turns on the doggie bed, Penny crashing wherever there is a pillow and a toy if the cat won't give up the spot. Gotta always show those dogs their place! 

Penny loves all dogs, and since she has no canine siblings, she goes to doggie day care several times a month where her Auntie Judy let's her play with everyone at her dog boarding business. She gets along with everyone, is the belle of the ball with all her doggie friends, and comes home tired and blissful. Penny is also good with children so when her favorite little one is over, they are off and skipping all over the property and being best buds. She has learned where she can and can't dig, loves lying underneath the sprinkler, and can work at a bone for hours. Leave the gate open and she won't leave because, well, what a great doggie life with lots of doggie fun! Penny Pie is such a joy to have around. 

Many thanks to Kristi and crew at EnchantMutts for being the angels that they are to swoop in and give these dogs a chance at better lives with loving families. What lucky dogs, what lucky people that they connect us and all our lives are changed! 

~Len and Donan Estill 

A short while after losing our much loved companion of 12 years, we decided our household needed a new furry friend. We wanted a rescue dog again and our search soon brought us to Emma. How anyone could have abandoned this adorable girl is beyond us but it meant we were the lucky ones to have her as part of our home. She moved right in and bonded with us immediately, as if to say, “Okay, let’s hurry up and start having a great life together.” 

Emma is a bundle of love and a bundle of energy. One moment she is slobbering us with kisses and then dashing from one end of the house to the other with a favorite toy in her mouth. Other times Emma is a blur chasing balls, other thrown toys - or her own tail. A trainer is now training us how to help her channel some of her energy so we can be even happier together. Emma loves being outdoors, exploring and sniffing or just lying in the sun. And she is excited that soon she’ll have a big yard of her own in which to do all that whenever she wants. 

We are so grateful that Emma was found and nursed back to health so that we can be the lucky beneficiaries of all her love and life.
Riley (formerly Duffy)
Scout (formerly Dillon)
Zeke (forever Zeke)
duffy1   dillon1 zeke1
Duffy, Duffy, Duffy . . . what a sweet, goofy guy that stole his foster mom's heart. It took a little longer than we would have liked, but good things come to those who are patient!! Duffy has found his forever home with new mom Melissa, dad Aaron and sweet big sis Bella. Melissa saw Duffy at the Walking in Circles Horse Rescue Community event and just wondered if Bella would like him, as she can be selective with her friends. We agreed to have them meet and see how they got along. Nary a growl or raised lip was detected . . . Bella seemed to like him. After a few days it was settled. Bella liked her new little brother. Melissa and Aaron are just as thrilled with Duffy as we are with them. We at EnchantMutts are very lucky to have the ability to wait for that perfect match for our furry friends. 

Duffy - I wish you the best life possible and remember, you will always be very special. "Love ya Buddy!!!" 

Thanks Aaron and Melissa for loving Duffy's goofy, playful, lazy nature as much as I do and giving him his forever home.
  Scout (was Dillon) "Scouters, Scouts-a-lot, Stinky, Sir Pees A Lot" came to live with our crew - mom, dad and two boys, Luke - 15 and Lee - 13, after we'd lost our furry 4th family member of 10 years very suddenly and way too soon for our liking. We are a dog family and there was a missing link for sure! He's just been the perfect fit!! Melded right into our crazy family! He's from Texas as are we, his birthday is the same as the pup we lost and my husband has always wanted a Border Collie!!!. Scout has certainly made himself at home with our two teen boys and the neighborhood posse' (as we call them) of boys and dogs. There have been very few moments where he flashes back to his former life and becomes extremely submissive, thus 'Sir Pees A-Lot', but that is to be expected with age and past. He is visibly embarrassed when he does this so we know this will be short lived. He has come out of his shell, developed the most hilarious character, knows the boys apart - by name, commandeered most of the living room pillows as his personal bedding and is not at all spoiled rotten. Not. At. All. We think he has cat somewhere in his lineage due to his cuddling, curling up on himself as well as us, his pacing of the window sills looking for the boys about 3:00 every day and he 'bats' stuff with his paws. He's the best of two animals!!!! He is so smart and so sweet. 

The boys taught him to play tug-o-war, catch & fetch and to 'get it' which is a game where they drum on the floor and he runs back and forth between them at NASCAR speeds. It's just one little dog but it sounds like a herd in the hallway. He loves dive bombing his toys. He shoves with his nose then sneezes in a way that makes his face scrunch up looking like he thinks something stinks (thus 'stinky'). He just loves his boys and plays so hard with them. Then he crashes. He loves going on a mile walk, or two, or three . . . I'm certainly getting in shape and he's learned to not hold the leash in his mouth while walking. He takes to training like a pro. It's very important to him to 'do good'. He easily became part of the pack and assumes his place willingly and gladly. Not even the couch is in his way when 'Daddy' comes in from work. He jumps straight over it to get to him. 

Scout does not understand why he can't go with us every time we leave the house. He's been to Lowe's, The County Line, the hobby store, pretty much anywhere we can get away with, he goes. Needless to say he has mastered the super pitiful face when we say, 'no . . . Scout stays.'. Oh, he's so bummed but never, not once, has he been destructive, had accidents or been bad while we've been gone and he's been kennel free since week 2! Scout certainly took to herding two boys in the most gentle of ways. He truly adores them, wants to be with them and when one was being a *teenager* and got in trouble this week, he was visibly not happy with his boy not being happy. It's always good to see a dog show empathy, and boy, Scout showed Luke some empathy! 

We learned he loves him some snow! Wow, did he love it, which is great as we take to the hills to ski and ride and snowshoe every chance we can and look forward to him tagging along! He's a great guy and we are blessed to have him in our family. We are looking forward to hiking with him next spring, him going camping and just living life with us. Thanks to Kristi and her crew that save these little guys and gals then pass them off to families when they are ready. We think Scout thanks her too for saving him and then for letting him have two boys to play and grow with!! 

~The Standley Family - Cook, MaryAnn, Luke and Lee
Wonderful happy Zeke waited a long time to find his perfect home, but find it he did! With his new mom Chelsey and his very own kitties - Baxter and Bailey - Zeke is home at last. He is the king of his castle for sure! This very special boy has been through lots, but he never lost his sweetness, his bright mind and most importantly he never gave up looking for his perfect family. Tucked away happily into his new life enjoying all his exercise, his very own person (and yes he does share with the kitties) and going on lots of adventures – Zeke has learned contentment in his life, and we are grateful. Incredibly smart - he has picked up so many new things and he is so happy being able to learn new things every day. Thank you Chelsey for knowing Zeke was the one - he picked you just as much as you picked him! 

May 2014 - it is a sad time. We lost precious Zeke to cancer May 22, 2014. He passed quietly and softly at his home six weeks after his diagnosis - we tried dear boy. This bright and wonderful boy turned four on March 31, 2014 - gone way too soon. We will forever be grateful that many loved him and very thankful the last year of his short life with his mom Chelsey was filled with great adventures, lots of love and kindness - he finally got to know what living life to its fullest meant and he enjoyed every moment he had with his family - such a happy boy! Thank you Zeke for all the lessons you taught us and for the laughs and smiles you brought with you - we understand now why you were so special to those of us who loved you. We love you and will see you again one day. Run free and happy Zekker - we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. So glad you were ours!
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Hines (formerly Hank)
jake1   zoee1 hank12
Tatum (Tater Tot - forever Tater)  
Sam (I Am - forever)
Zak (forever Zak)



  samiam1 zak1
Little Tatum (Tater Tot) came to us with her sister - malnourished, tiny little pups from an overflowing shelter. Tater was in the worst shape, and after battling lots of puppy things and parvo, this wee girl started moving forward. Her sister Tulip (Abby) was adopted, but Tater had more health issues to resolve. And resolve them she did! Pretty independent from the get-go, Tater quickly learned the art of manipulation and blossumed into a michevious and incredibly smart little tiger. Tater came into her own. She is a princess! A lot of dog in a little body and willing to prove it, this girl has found the perfect home! Within a week of being with her new family, she had loads of tricks down - verbal and through hand signals. She's ready for the circus! With her dad teaching her everything in the book and her mom providing lots of cuddles, Tater is a happy girl. 

From the moment she went for her home visit, Tater knew she was home - twirling and running in her huge yard and running back and forth between her new family, not letting them out of her sight! Her big sister Reina didn't know what to do with the whirly bird, and now they are the best of friends. Reina is a patient teacher. With lots of travel, exercise and training in her future, we know Tater will have the opportunity to be all she can be! 

Thank you Elizabeth and Tom for finding this wonderful girl and letting her excel. A perfect match! As Elizabeth would say, Tater has very little time alone, and if they leave the house without her they better have a dang good reason why or Tater will let them know she belongs with them!
  We have the best adopters and we know it! But, every once in a while the lights flash, time stands still and we get to see an adoption that was always meant to be. We as rescuers, fosters and guardians have no say - only the family and the dog does. Such is Sam I Am's story. From the moment they saw Sam and Sam saw them . . . it was a done deal. This is why we do rescue. We live for the "Peas in a Pod" moments … 

We are so grateful to have Sam as part of our family! He is an amazingly good pup with a happy and sweet nature. He was rescued by Kristi at EnchantMutts from an overcrowded shelter in West Texas and lived happily with her for a few weeks, learning great manners and how to get along wonderfully with people and other dogs. On his first outing at Fetchapalooza, he met several people who were charmed by his sweet face and calm nature. My husband Quentin and kids, Cassie (13) and Luke (11), were the lucky people who got to have him come for a home visit. Our hearts melted immediately upon seeing him at the adoption event, but we were even more impressed with his great personality when he came to visit. Not only did he and our dog Petunia get along perfectly, but he was kind to our cats. That is a big deal for us since four friendly felines are part of our family. They were delighted to see that the newcomer is a gentle cuddlebug. 

Sam is a very smart fella and loves playing with Petunia. They are similar in size and temperament and entertain each other very well. The kids call them two peas in a pod. They both love to come sit in our laps and are very affectionate. Sam taught Tunia early on how to play tug-of-war, and they both love splashing in the wading pool to keep cool on the hot summer days. Walks are on his list of favorite activities and he loves getting out to see other people and dogs. He is still getting his fill of ice cubes from the icemaker too, just like at Kristi's! 

We could not ask for things to be easier either - Sam was already almost completely house trained! He walks well on a leash and is the star pupil in his training class. We are still puzzled at how we stumbled upon the perfect dog but are thankful that we did! 

We had not heard of the wonderful EnchantMutts rescue group before that lucky Saturday that we met Sam, but we will never forget them now! Every time we look in that sweet face and snuggle up to Sam, we will say another "thank you!" to Kristi and EnchantMutts for the hard work they put into making so many success stories like this one. They really make a difference and we cannot thank them enough. 

~Quentin, Sandy, Cassie, and Luke Dierks

Zak was home the moment he came into rescue – his foster just didn’t know it.  This boy is the most mischievous boy!  Beautiful and tons of personality – he has been both a trial and a wonder.   Even with severe hip dysplasia (you can read about him in our stories section) – this active boy manages to get into trouble at least once a day.  Many fell a bit in love with him and he had quite a few “sleepovers” but with each and every one – he would have a blast for a day or two and then he would start howling.  And howl he would until his foster mom came and got him and took him home.  He tested even the most patient home.  Zak is too smart for his own good sometimes.

He knew he was home from day one.  His foster finally accepted it!  And now he reigns in his home always full of fosters – welcoming so many dogs from shelters – and he tucks each under his arm, takes them into the house and shows them where everything is and lets them know all is well.  He is the best trainer and his soul is a gentle and carefree one.  He can read his mom’s mind and wears the best expressions – carries his heart on his sleeve this one. He will require new hips one day and thanks to many generous donors – he will get them.  Until that day – he is as fun loving and free spirited as any dog I have ever met and I know that will continue – he is one in a million our Zak.

luna13   doodlebug1 kokopelli1
Abby (formerly Tulip)
macy   tulip1 tango1

Sweet Macy!  A mini Pepper for sure!  For the Glaspy family – there was no other!  A big girl in a tiny body – little Macy has weaseled her way into the hearts of all in this family.  She is the spitting image of her big sister Pepper (EM alumni) and is a pistol for sure.  From an incredibly shy girl in the shelter and out of time – the Glaspys stepped up and scoped her up and never looked back!  Two peas in a pod are these girls – spitting images with Macy ¼ the size of sis Pepper!  Best home for this girl and she is living LARGE!!

  Little Abby and her sister were pulled from an overflowing NM shelter. They had the sweetest expressions, and you could just see the intelligence in their eyes. Abby hit the jackpot with Carl and Lynne who, after the loss of their wonderful Amy, were searching for another furry friend to pamper and spoil. Abby weaseled her way right in, taking great joy in being the center of attention at her new home! This incredibly sweet little girl is enjoying learning new things and all about how to be a good girl. Quick to pick up anything, Abby mastered all the basics commands in a very short time and her opportunities are now endless. We can only imagine all the great stories Abby will have to tell – walking those ditch banks every day and trying who she can to smooze the quickest at her home! Thank you Lynne and Carl for realizing this little girl was not to be overlooked! Great life Abby, and we know you will keep your new family on their toes!! Congrats - Tango! 

After almost three years of waiting for that special home, you have found it . . . with two young boys and their dad! The minute you saw them - it was LET'S PLAY BALL! and your new life began. You had the roughest of starts my friend, but those days are so over. 

Keep those kids active, teach them some new moves and do what you have always done best . . . be their Best Friend.
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Annie (formerly Ani Roo)
tobey1   ginger12 aniroo1
      This beautiful aussie girl was kicked to the curb and dropped at a small rural shelter, probably due to what appeared to be declining health and having smaller litters. We saw her eyes and knew she was just asking for a chance, and we gave her one. Imagine our surprise when all she had was a thyroid issue, easily controlled by daily inexpensive pills, and that she was under three years old. Annie’s coat is now a stunning lush merle with just a tad of bronze thrown in to illustrate her uniqueness! Fabulous energy and a heart of gold is hers again. Always sweet as can be with the smarts to match and endless devotion, Annie is now living the high life with her very active family – daily walks, hikes, snow shoeing (everything outdoors!) and a huge property to call her own with two kitties to tell her stories to. Annie is safe at last. Patty takes her everywhere and Annie is a joyful girl, content to do what she does best – devote herself entirely to her person and protect her home. Annie’s wisdom and intelligence has always shown in her eyes. We knew she was a keeper and now she will never leave Patty’s side. Great life gorgeous girl – you so deserve it! Thank you Patty for being there for her and knowing what truly lies behind those gorgeous eyes!
Indie (formerly Addison)
Laars (formerly Junior Lee)
addy1   luna1 junior1
When they say it takes a village to raise a child, it is the same with some pups. Addison was in a high kill shelter and time was running out. EnchantMutts did not have an open foster spot but just knew she was worth saving. So, we reached out to Zia Australian Shephard Rescue who agreed to foster her until we could find a foster. Thanks Kathy G. with Zia for giving this girl a place to bunk. This sweet pup hit the jackpot when Barry, Stacie and Zeva took a shine to her sweet personality. Zeva was a rescue dog also so knew exactly how to take little Addison (now Indie) under her wing and show her the ropes. It is almost hard to tell the 2 sisters apart. Indie found her perfect forever home on an acre of yard in the shadows of the Sandias. 

Thank you Barry, Stacie and Zeva for loving Indie as much as we do and giving her a perfect forever home!!!
    What a character little Junior Lee is. As with most (daresay all) of EnchantMutts' rescues, Junior Lee was also saved from a certain fate at a high kill shelter. Junior's foster mom took one look at that cute little face and could not let that happen. He was first given the name of Rascal, but after a week of no response to that name, his foster mom looked at this big guy in a little package and said "well come on Junior" and that was all it took. His tail went up and he was all a wiggle. Junior found his new mom almost immediately. But honestly, who could look at that cute face and not smile. Junior, now Laars, is living the high life as an only child with his new mom Liesje who says he is quite the character. 

Have a long and happy life little man!! Thanks Liesje for making that happen for Laars!!
  Wynn (forever Wynn) and Erin (formerly Cricket)  


Sometimes when we pull a dog from a shelter (usually in the nick of time), they come damaged – scared, mishandled and so unsure. Some overcome everything quickly while others take a bit longer to recuperate and trust again. Such is the case of Riggs. After a horrible ordeal at the shelter (and who knows what before the shelter), we brought him to safety. Standing by were Kimberley and Emilio who wanted to make a difference and start fostering dogs to help them on their way to a happy forever after. Riggs went to their home and began recuperating and being mentored by Riley, the little ball of fur who already ruled the roost.

With patience, guidance and care, Riggs came out of his shell, and you would never recognize him today. From a dog that would not look you in the eye and cowering in a corner, to a happy boy who loves life! Along the way, Kimberley and Emilio realized that Riggs made their family complete and have adopted him (yeah!) so he will never be thrown away again! Thank you Kimberley and Emilio for making Riggs what he is today and offering him a wonderful forever home! Riggs and Riley are inseparable and Riley knew from the moment she met Riggs that he was there to stay. Happy life Riggs – you deserve it!

Two sad stories, one incredibly happy ending! We are always thrilled when we get a “double” adoption and we are thrilled that these two girls have gone to live with Vern and Marianne. They are living the high life on the ranch! After the loss of all four of their dogs (to old age) in a short period of time, Vern and Marianne were on the lookout for a border collie or two to round out their family. When they saw wonderful Wynn, it was love at first sight for them, and for Wynn. After settling sweet Wynn in at home and letting her know she was home at last, they met rascally Erin and their family was complete! Erin weaseled her way right in there and she and Wynn are best buddies. 

Both girls came to us in the nick of time (at different times) from a high kill shelter. Wynn is one of the gentlest, sweetest girls I have met in a long time and I knew I could only let her go to a very special home. This girl had been through lots and yet still managed to trust and love humans. From a bag of frightened bones with thin wispy hair to a healthy, active girl with a glorious coat. She has blossomed into a very special girl who will always be where you are and is soaking up all the attention she can (and getting lots!). Erin is an irresistible little ball of fluff and her split face is a true show of her personality – one side craving attention and all the pats she can get and then poof! In an instant, off getting into mischief and looking for a new adventure! Adorable and sweet, this little girl has turned into one happy camper! We love that they are together. 

Wynn and Erin are living it up. Doing their six mile runs every day with “dad” plus their daily walks with “mom”, gathering the chickens, running with (or after – ha!) the horses and protecting their yard and house (and cat!). We are very grateful that one just wasn’t enough for this great family and that these great girls are truly loved and cared for on a wonderful piece of paradise! 

Great life my girls! Thank you Vern and Marianne for taking these girls in and giving them the best life possible! A perfect fit!




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Ciaran (formerly Dillon)
dillon23   tripp1 katy1
This wonderful boy came to us at the last moment, literally during his walk to the back room, and what a loss that would have been. This hot and spicy beautiful BC/German Shepherd boy hit the jackpot in more ways than one! Kirk and Alyssa knew he was the one when they saw his picture and made a beeline to come and see him, and what a great match this turned out to be! Ciaran is now happily tucked away in his new home with his big sister Kular (who will be little sister in no time for this beautiful growing boy) and loving life and all it offers. With his big extended family, this boy has it made. Family members everywhere – canine, equine, feline and human, and best of all, lots of action for this smart little boy! He will want for nothing in his new life and for that we are grateful. Thank you Kirk and Alyssa for coming to Ciaran’s rescue. A special boy for a great family!      
Hondo (formerly Daegan)
Tally Ho (forever)
Tucker (still Tucker)
hondo1   tallyho1 tucker1
This stunning boy was pulled from a high kill shelter after being picked up as a stray. It was determined that Daegan had a severe case of Ehrlichiosis (a tick borne bacterial infection), which luckily is one of EnchantMutts' intake tests. But, after a couple of rounds of antibiotics, he was right as rain and ready for a forever home. After meeting Wayne, Bojangles and Chief, Daegan and his foster mom just knew it was the "perfect" home for him. Daegan now has 2 fenced acres to run with his new brothers and chase lizards to his heart's content. His new dad Wayne is an avid hiker which is just right up Daegan's alley. Daegan's new name is Hondo which came from the first movie he and new dad Wayne watched together. 

Happy Happy Life Hondo. You will always have a very special place in your foster mom's heart. 

Thank you Wayne, Bojangles and Chief for recognizing what a special guy Hondo is and letting him be a part of the “GUYS”.
  The Internet can really change your life!!!! 

We lost our Pepper last fall. We had her for 9 years. She was a rescue from Albuquerque and a very big part of our family. We thought about getting another dog but just were not ready. 

While we were in Washington DC in late February we started to look on the Internet for available pets. Nothing caught our eye night after night. We arrived home and started to look for different websites and discovered ENCHANTMUTTS!!!! There she was, Miss Tally Ho!!!!! 

We immediately filled out the application and submitted the form. Much to my surprise, I received a call from Kristi the next day. We must have talked on the phone for 45 minutes and arranged to have a meet and greet at a park off Tramway two days later. We exited our car and I could see her from a distance. Somehow I just knew she was the one!!!! 

Kristi had a concern since we have cats, so we arranged for a home visit. WELL, Tally must have had some contact with cats in her previous life as she just “flinched” and walked away. Our cats of 12 years have grown up with dogs their whole lives so no big deal. 

We feel like we “won the lottery of dogs”. She is sweet, smart, beautiful, loving and a real lizard lover. She has only caught one once, but I managed to get it out of her mouth right away. Our cat Zoe, who has always been very shy, has come out of her shell and is interacting with Tally, and Jack the cat loves to tease her and run. 

I must say that we are thoroughly impressed with EnchantMutts and how they run their organization. They thoroughly check out and make sure that it is the perfect fit for both the dog and family. Not every situation works as some dogs have special needs that need to be met, and they assure that this happens with every adoption. If you are considering adopting a pet with EnchantMutts, you will not be disappointed; there is a pet that will work for you. 

~Pam and Frank, Placitas, NM
What a little dynamo this guy is. Tucker spent one night with his foster before he was scooped up by his new moms, Teresa and Linda. They describe him as absolutely the perfect size, perfect color, perfect fur . . . just perfect, and we think he found his perfect home. He was patient with his older sister who needed slow walks, knowing that his fast run was coming. He fits right in with his pack of cats and chickens. He is always up for whatever activity mom Teresa throws his way and for cuddling on the couch with mom Linda. 

Thank you Teresa and Linda for loving this perfect guy and giving him a perfect home!!!
Sophie (forever Sophie)
sophie1   teddy1 geoffrey
Wonderful, incredibly sweet Sophie is where she needs and wants to be. At home with her best doggy friend Finnegan and her doting human parents Anne and Dick. This girl came back from the brink. Emaciated and nothing but skin and bones, Sophie knew there was something better out there, and she found it. She is having the time of her life (she never gave up hope) – playing with Finnegan, scouting out her acreage, protecting the garden from those silly birds, playing with Finnegan, getting lots of love, taking lots of hikes and walks and running like the wind. Did I say playing with Finnegan? This gorgeous girl is home. She went through a lot to find her home, but she is home and she is safe. Anne and Dick knew they would not be complete without a second dog to complete their pack (Finnegan was adopted in July of 2011 from EnchantMutts) and they patiently waited for the right one to come along and one day, she was there. They have tucked her safely into their lives and she has thrived and come into her own. The perfect complement to Finnegan and living life to the fullest. Thank you Anne and Dick for coming to the rescue of both these fabulous dogs! You have done wonders and they have just blossomed under your care and guidance!

Open Letter from Geoffrey aka Dakota: Dear Friends, I know that one of your staff generally writes a success story to post on your website. But I wanted to take the opportunity to write my success story from my point of view. I am old and sick and had been left at the shelter. However, I maintained a good attitude through it all and it must have shown. Desperate pleas were circulated by the caring volunteers at the shelter about the spark in my eye and the wag of my tail. I first saw the two of you through the foggy haze of an anesthesia induced sleep and then you were gone. I thought you were just a dream… another part of the horrible nightmare I was currently enduring. But, to my very grateful surprise the next day you were back and this time when you left, I was at your side. The taste of freedom and fresh air was glorious!!! I went to a nice quiet home where I started to recover from the surgery that removed a cancerous tumor on my leg. I slept like a rock for what seemed like days (it was very noisy at the shelter so sleep was hard to come by).

While I was being cared for, Ms Kristi worked her magic and found me a wonderful place at Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary in Santa Fe where I will live out my life in comfort and peace with no fear of future abandonment. At Kindred Spirits, I have plenty of love and friends (human and animal). Ms. Ulla and the volunteers make sure we have all we need including respect. All the animals at Kindred Spirits have their own unique story which I would love for you to read about on their website www.kindredspiritsnm.org. I truly want to express my eternal gratitude that you took the time to look in my eyes and see the spark of my soul and recognize that I am a good boy and deserved a chance. With much Love and Gratitude, Geoffrey

Addendum from Vicki: Geoffrey is one of the gentlest animal souls that I have encountered. He settled right in with my 3 dogs without the slightest ruffle. He even let my corgi (who thinks she is starving) scrounge dropped scraps without a second glance. He has deep caring brown eyes and gentle kisses that just melt all your anxiety away. I was truly blessed to meet and care for him.

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Theo (formerly Othello)
tallula12   theo12 dakota1
Tallula is and has always been a wonderful spirit – a great gal who gives so much to her family – one perfect girl! Lula came to EnchantMutts as a young puppy full of fun and love and was adopted by a great family who spent lots of time and lavished lots of love on her. Unfortunately, much to their dismay, changes in their lives dictated they had to find another home for Lula. Heartbroken as they were, we promised we would find the perfect forever home for her. Because they loved her so much and spent so much time with her, we knew she would be a great addition to any family and got to sit back and see who Lula would choose. Well, happy-go-lucky, smiling Lula is now the queen of the castle with her new family. It was a love story from the moment they all met. Ken and Karen had finally found their girl!! Lula is spoiled rotten and is her dad’s shadow, getting to go and do everything with him (such a spoiled girl!). We all know she made the choice, and it was the right one. This perfect girl is home and is so fortunate that she had a great upbringing and has been loved by many. Home at last my speckled girl – home at last.   Lucky Theo! Dumped by his family and lost in a shelter with no hope and highly depressed, this little old man hit the jackpot! There are many people who love the older ones and for that Theo is grateful. When pulled from the shelter, his medical needs were many and treatment expense ran high, but along came a group of wonderful people who wanted to make sure he got what he needed to live the rest of his life happy and pain-free by donating to Theo’s Fund. We are grateful to all who supported Theo. He is getting all he needs, and most importantly this guy got what he wanted – a family to call his own! Living large now with his best buddy Zeus and his own little girl, Lili, Theo has it all! He is the charmer of the dog park and his mom has the best laughs watching him go round and making the rounds. Believe it or not this old man has still got the moves. Theo is enjoying life and we are so grateful Tammy heard about him, fell in love and came galloping to his rescue. Let it be said, age is but a number and even the silver-haired, four-legged doggies have lots to give, just ask his family. Thank you Tammy and Lili. Theo is home and safe. We know he is now getting everything he never had. Per Dakota's mom: It is with heavy heart that I've decided that I'm going to have to return Dakota to Enchantmutts. I adopted him for a challenge, to learn how to train a dog. Unfortunately, after working with this dog for only two weeks, I find that you misrepresented him as a poor, naive stray, a blank slate. A creature that had been stunted in his youth due to the lack of intellectual stimulation, left to his own devices and ended up wandering disgraced on the cold, lonely streets of Clovis. Instead, I have discovered that he is in fact an Einstein amongst mere canines, a giant amongst midgets, and there is nothing he doesn't already know. My dreams of winning the Golden Globe award as Best International Dog Trainer are dashed. Tonight was the last straw. After two weeks of trying to find something this cursed dog doesn't already know, I decided to put aside the leash and work "without a life line". An extreme last ditch effort to challenge this bored monster, I know, but I was desperate. I chortled to myself at work this afternoon, imagining his pathetic confusion, his total inability to perform without my guidance, his imploring, begging eyes asking me what he should do next. Finally, I would be the MASTER and he would be the pathetic unschooled animal I had expected. I would be All Powerful, his God! So, I raced home to put this mutt in his place. I grabbed some training treats and sat the devil dog by my side. Grinning evilly at him, I sternly commanded him to HEEL! and took off, giggling to myself that he had probably just run in the other direction and proven finally that he is in fact a mere ignorant hound. Imagine my horror when I looked down to my left, and there he was! Eagerly keeping pace with me, shadowing my every move! Walking when I walked, running when I ran, and sitting politely when I stopped. Damn, fair's fair, I had to give him a treat, albeit reluctantly. Next I tried sit, down, stay, in rapid succession, commanding him faster and faster, then in Spanish, French, German, then with just hand commands. He never flinched, responding to all commands perfectly, leering at me, and challenging me to bring it on! Finally, I gave up, and sank sobbing to the floor, defeated. So, I'm sure you understand that I will have to return him. If you have a more suitable dog, perhaps one with an IQ that is lower than mine, I might consider trading. I was going to send you a video of his unsuitable behavior as proof of false advertising on your part, in case you refused to take him back. However, I haven't figured out how to take video with my smart phone. Perhaps I should ask Dakota to teach me. Sincerely, Dakota's Mom
Sweet Maggie May
maggiemay1   spanky1 jenna1
We are often overwhelmed by sadness when it comes to stories about older pets and their often heartless disposal. Little Maggie was dropped off at the pound because she was old and arthritic and obviously had medical and abuse issues. Her age could be anywhere between 12 and 16. We suppose her owners did not want to be responsible for any expense for her so did the easiest thing for them – just dropped her at the shelter. Fact is the older dogs often don’t even make it to the adoption floor. They can be first on the list to be euthanized. Our hearts bleed when we think of a pet, after having given years of its devotion, just dropped at a shelter and put down by a stranger. 

Maggie is a lucky one. We knew when we took her in that her time was probably short, but we were determined to give her what we suspect she never had in her life – love, good care and safety. When Kathleen met her she knew she would do whatever it took to make her comfortable and give her the best care possible for as long as possible. And so Maggie is now enjoying life! Yes, she’s old and arthritic and yes she is slow getting up, but she will still drag those toys out of the basket and toss them in the air! And, she has found a new joy in life – waiting for the garage door to open and running out the back door around the porch as fast as she can just so she can be the first to greet the family when they come home (like a slow motion movie that Kathleen never tires of watching). Maggie will never admit it, but she loves the kitties in the house and will lie peacefully beside them, warm, safe and content. 

While we think all dogs are special, we think the old ones are very special. Maggie May is a beautiful soul, safe and sound now and receiving lots of attention and care. She is happy and she is loved. Thank you Kathleen and Ed for taking in this beautiful girl and making a difference for her. It takes special people to adopt a little soul knowing that time might be brief, but as they discover in the end, it's worth every moment.
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Rylie (formerly Blossom)
mercedes1   dj1 riley1
Finnegan (forever Finn)
Jesse James (Outlaw #2)
Max (formerly Jack)
There are really no words to describe our puppy, Finn. Or at least there are not enough words. 

He’s as close to perfect as a young dog can be. Not only did he arrive house broken (14 weeks old, thanks Kristi), he has NEVER chewed on anything that does not belong to him. His disposition is gentle, sensitive and quiet. His mellowness is amazing. A few weeks ago I took him to Flying Star, where they allow dogs. I was there 3 hours and he lay quietly by my chair. This was a 5 month old puppy. 

Not only are his eyes beautiful, they are full of a gentle wisdom that I truly have never seen nor sensed in a dog. 

Get the picture? Perfect. 

And, I have not even started to describe his intelligence and splendid looks. 

We are grateful to have him grace our lives, adding humor, joy and friendship. Thank you Finn and thank you Kristi and EnchantMutts.

Jesse James and his best buddy Billy the Kid are living LARGE! The Outlaws, as they have been deemed (Billy #1 and Jesse #2), are two peas in a pod, and sometimes we can’t tell them apart! But their folks sure can! At first glance, Steve and Jeannie just knew – Jesse James was the one they were searching for! With one outlaw already in the house, Billy the Kid, they were searching for another six-shooter to complete their "Pack". They KNEW he was the one, and from the first moment they all met, it was a done deal. They all knew. Jesse will no longer be searching for a family to love and care for him, Billy is no longer searching for his partner in crime and Steve's and Jeannie’s holsters are full!

We are always grateful when we have wonderful families waiting, and Jesse found his because some wonderful people stepped up to save this great boy. Sabrina and Barbara, you both made a HUGE difference for this boy. Thank you both. Steve and Jeannie, thank you for loving this breed and waiting for this boy to drop from the sky! May you never run out of ammunition for these two outlaws and may you always step lively! Thank you for all you have done!

We were looking for a buddy for our first adopted dog, Maddie. With her we had been so lucky to find a wonderful, well-behaved little dog, we were sure we would never find another. But, we had to try. One day EnchantMutts was holding an adoption fair, and there was Max (then called Jack). We loved Max from the start, so we tried a couple of ‘doggy visits’ and then an overnighter. And, lo and behold, we had found ‘the one.’ The one other dog in the world that was as wonderful as our Maddie, and Maddie saw it too. Max and Maddie are perfect for each other. They are nearly the same size and energy level, so when they play (all teeth and saliva), they are quite evenly matched, and then they both collapse in exhaustion. When they run together, neither one beats the other. When they go on walks, they match each other stride for stride. Sometimes, when the two buddies curl up together, it is just too cute for words. I know that Max really loved his foster home with Sandy and her little boy Andrew and their large brood of dogs and cats. But he seems to really have made himself at home here with us, and he and Maddie really love each other. So, thank you EnchantMutts, and thank you Sandy and Andrew for giving us the opportunity to make Max a part of our home.
Sasha (formerly Fergie)
Gussie (formerly Bella)
This little bundle of smarts and energy is living the high life with her new four legged family - best buddy Roxie and mentor Patch. Pulled from a shelter at just five weeks old where she and her siblings were dumped, Sasha has had the last laugh! With mom Windra and dad Lance, this green eyed-pistol will keep them jumping for quite a while – get those Frisbees out! She fit right into the house like she had been there forever, and we know Sasha can’t wait to grow up a little bit and be able to chase down her doggie sister Roxie and finally get the upper hand (while Patch looks patiently on . . . .). This little girl was ready to take on the world. 

Our little smarty pants Sasha has made out like a bandit. Thanks Lance and Windra for giving this little girl a great chance at a wonderful life. She was waiting for you!
Little did Gussie know her forever family had been searching for her for a long time after the loss of their wonderful Ella. From the moment they saw Gussie’s picture, they knew she was the one! This beautiful, gentle girl has found her forever home with Anne and Dave (and Otto and Elvis – her furry feline brothers). She also has Max, her best pit bull buddy to play with a few times a week, half his size but she is the boss! How fun is that? Along with her daily walks with newly retired mom and jogging with dad, Gussie gets the run of the house and the run of her fenced acre yard. Even with all the space she now has to leap and play in, she is a shadow to her new family. She follows them room to room and inside and out, just making sure she doesn’t lose them. 

Thank you Dave and Anne for hanging in there and waiting for the PERFECT one. You knew she was out there and we all are so happy you found her! You are home Gussie – you are home!
JJ is one lucky boy! Pulled from the shelter at the last moment, this beautiful, majestic boy (black bi Australian Shepherd) was bruised, battered and discarded, but he never gave up hope, even in the 11th hour. He knew someone would come for him. When his dad saw his picture, he knew he was the one, and JJ’s wait was over, just like that. JJ is getting to be all he can be now. He guards his little buddy Chico, an 8 lb. Chi (and protects him from the taunting cat), and protects his family and home well. He lives for his daily rides on the ATV where he can survey his acreage efficiently and quickly. His dad will often find him sitting and waiting on the back of it, ready to GO! He is the happiest boy now that he is home and he has the opportunity to be all he can be. He is awesome and only needed someone to care. This boy is where he was meant to be, in the mountains, guarding his family and being Dwight’s best friend. Thank you Judy for keeping watch. Most of all, thank you Dwight for seeing and accepting JJ for who he is. We all wish you a long and happy life JJ.
Biere (formerly Babe/Boo)
Biere (pronounced Bear) brings joy to my life. He is happy and easy going and a great companion. The real heroes are his foster people who took care of him until I found him. Having one dog at home, I debated adopting a second dog, but with so many dogs that need homes I thought I can take care of one more. Funny me...he is a great companion...and more than just taking care of him...he takes care of me.
Missy "Marie"
Beautiful Max. Tossed from home to home and none of them knowing what to do with or how to provide for this beautiful boy, he was headed to a high kill shelter. Rescue talked to rescue and Max was saved. He was shy and withdrawn when pulled into EnchantMutts, but with the help of the wonderful staff at Camp Bow Wow – they all gave him love, attention and a new beginning – things he didn’t know existed! They brought him out of his shell and he was on his way to trusting humans . . . 

. . . when his perfect family saw him! With love and direction, Barbara and Paul have brought this fabulous boy to life! Max has now blossomed into a wonderful, bright and playful young dog! Now he knows what life is all about! Hiking in the wilderness everyday, getting to spend almost all his time with his parents and learning something new everyday, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Thank you Barbara and Paul for your patience and for giving Max time. We knew he was a special boy. We know you will have many years of happiness. 

Thank you to everyone who helped Max on his journey to his forever home – Tina, Camp Bow Wow, John and mostly to Barbara and Paul for falling in love with this wonderful boy and giving him the opportunity to be all he can be.

This little girl has a story that has taken her on an amazing journey – but now she is finally home with Jim, Gloria and BIG brother Ben (Note Missy Marie is 50 pounds – can you guess how big Ben is??). Found wandering the streets of Albuquerque on St. Patrick’s Day 2010, her microchip led back to an amazing story beginning at Animal Humane in Boulder, Co from where she had been adopted, surrendered, reclaimed then handed off to be ”gotten rid of” when the owner was transferred. Somehow she wound up in her Foster Mom Kate’s neighborhood here in Albuquerque, healthy but very, very anxious and with some behavioral baggage that needed allot of work to overcome.

Missy has an amazing life force and with patience, love and training was able to overcome many of her fears and become the affectionate, smart and loving dog she was meant to be – even learning to cohabitate happily with another dog. Watching her try to take Ben on (at 170+ pounds), running circles around him, teasing like any pesky little sister would do, is wonderfully funny. Her new family, who were used to having BIG dogs for a long time, are enjoying her smaller stature and enthusiastic, playful antics – including her favorite sport of lizard hunting. She has learned to respect her older brother and be kind and sensitive to his venerable age (11 yrs) and slower pace but can still get him to romp, just in smaller bursts. From being the queen of the Pit Parade at Halloween, as Little Red Riding Hood, to being Bear’s special “girl", to becoming little sister to BIG Ben, this girl has finally found the home and family she came to NM for. Thanks to Jim and Gloria for seeing the special girl inside!

Roxie (forever Roxie)
Allie (forever Allie)
Rebbie (formerly Rebel)
Roxie has been a delight to have join our family. We discovered Roxie while getting our car serviced across the street from Long Leash on Life. We decided to see what was going on across the street, and my world has not been the same since. Wrapping us around her big puppy paws, Roxie has made our home a much more interesting place. She makes sure to chase our kitten, Min, around the house. In return, Min has decided he thinks he can overtake her, so he turns around and chases Roxie. The house is not the same anymore. It's been Roxiefied; yes, Roxie has taken over! She has a great mind of her own, thinking she runs the household. Pretty soon, I think she'll start herding our cats and then teach them how to behave to her standards. She's such an awesome girl, amazingly potty trained in only three days, and very loving. In fact, her love has been eye-opening. She's changed our lives, providing the sunshine we needed. Thank you, Aunt Kristi, for helping her find our home and making sure we were good parents. Thank you for being supportive and helping her adjust to our home. We couldn't imagine a better way to keep the sunshine in our world. Roxie and EnchantMutts have been wonderful to have in our lives. Thank you for saving Roxie and letting us be her parents. She's such a wonderful girl!
Allie Kat – oh Allie Kat! So hard to let go! This former petrified runt blossomed in foster care and started her journey to being the funniest – silliest – smartest girl ever and is now queen of the castle with Dru and Michael and a happy little girl. She just yaks and yaks - telling about her adventures to her parents (and everything is an adventure to her!) and letting them know what she thinks as she follows them room to room! From skin and bones to a fabulous pin-up girl, little Allie is forever home and loving her family! She held out for her perfect family, and gold digger that she is, her own vineyard to protect from those nasty ole crows! Allie is the apple of her parents eyes – makes them laugh till they cry - and best friends with all her four-legged companions in the house! Allie needed a special home and she got one. She truly is a Cinderella story!
Sometimes words are not necessary and the pictures say it all. Click on the link below and then on "Watch PhotoShow". Rebbie is home. Thank you Allen and Sharon for finding this wonderful girl. 
Anisa (formerly Beaver and one of Ivy Belle’s beautiful puppies)
Ivy Belle (formerly Jenny)
Abby (formerly Jesse)
One of the joys of EnchantMutts is getting to see what these wonderful wee puppies turn into. Anisa is truly a beautiful girl (and takes after her fabulous mom!). Picture one is at five weeks and picture two at about six months. 

In the month of December, we decided it was time to welcome a new pet into our family. During an adoption event at Long Leash on Life, we fell in love with a playful and loving brown puppy. Upon her arrival home we decided that her new name would be Anisa. What can we say? The name fits her perfectly! She is affectionate and friendly. She brightens up the cloudiest of days with her rambunctious behavior. Anisa loves the company of people and other dogs of all sizes. She has three friends, two puppies in her obedience class and an older dog from the dog park that she gets along with very well. She loves to go to the doggie stores to purchase treats and pick out her own toys. She then loves to show off her new toys to everyone and anyone. She is definitely a little princess that has taken over our hearts. Anisa is very intelligent and is capable of picking up commands and tricks quickly. At five months she already knows sit, stay, down, paw, other paw, roll over and speak (smartie pants!). She is a wonderful addition to our family and she is a therapy dog in the making. We could not have asked for more; our thanks go out to our good friend Kristi. If it were not for her we would not have our Miss Anisa in our life. 
~Marie, Bonnie and Melinda (and Anisa).
We were without a dog and our Christmas looked very bleak. In a shelter was a little girl with pups, and her future was looking very bleak. A day before she was going to be euthanized, a wonderful lady saved her and that is how we learned of Ivy Belle. Now our futures will be full of car rides, shopping at Petco, and hiking in the snow. Everything is exciting when Ivy is along. We’re sure she feels the same way, because of the hugs and kisses she gives us. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the people at EnchantMutts. Thank you for giving us a very special Christmas present. 
~Arnie & Nancy Mitzey 

Sometimes a picture is all it takes to spark a love affair, and it was certainly love at first sight for the Mitzeys and Ivy Belle. This snow dog is making all the snow angel/puppies she can in her winter wonderland home, where she has all the snow she ever dreamed of! Lucky girl!
Smiling Abby! She is one happy puppy and her smile shows it! Given up because her people had no idea what to do with a normal active puppy and saved from the shelter, this girl’s future (and mind) is now as bright as the stars! She is a shining star, too. Her endless energy, willingness to please and love for others makes her exceptional! With her new family of doggy siblings and kitty, she is home at last. Adam and Erin (and Lilly, Mufasa, Jazzy and Harley) had been searching for another family member and knew when they met Abby, she would fit right in. And, she did! Abby gets to play endlessly and run carefree on their fenced acreage with her new buddies in the mountains (and enjoy her daily walks and hikes with her human parents!) – loving life and always laughing. Home at last for this beautiful girl! Thank you for finding her, Erin and Adam. May she bring you endless laughter!
Stella (formerly Bella)
Cassie (formerly Bramble)
Barley (formerly Barkley)
From being dropped off in a night deposit box because no one wanted her, saved from euthanasia at the last moment, and getting parvo and overcoming it, this little girl beat the odds. This fabulous pup with her heart of gold and huge personality shows that the best things come in small packages (and don't have off buttons!). Cassie is now enjoying her two doggie siblings - Brie and Abbie, her two little girls - Kate and Lauren, her mom and dad, and her HUGE fenced property, and is getting her reward for having faith that they would find her. Find her they did, and she is now safe and loved, and deservedly so! Knowing these fabulous families are searching for these wonderful dogs keeps us pulling these worthy beasties. They only need a chance! May you never find Cassie's off button!
Barley is my best friend, and now that I mention it, I am pretty sure he is the best friend of everyone he meets (or sure would like to be!). After getting to know Barley over the last 5 months, I don’t think I would like anyone Barley doesn’t like! He is an extremely beautiful, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, smart, and at times mischievous boy. Every morning is a pleasure because I get to wake up to his beautiful face, eager and ready for the day! 

Our family welcomed Barley in to our home at the end of July. We met Barley the day after his cast (for a broken leg) had been removed, and he had been given a “clean bill of health” from the amazing veterinary team at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic. 

Barley had been found wandering Albuquerque’s west-side streets by a person driving by. The man caught Barley and brought him to the West Side Animal Shelter where they fell for the beautiful boy, but weren’t equipped to handle the care he needed for the broken bone. Seeing so much potential in this down-on-his-luck pup, the staff at the shelter contacted the wonderful Kristi Edwards, from the equally wonderful rescue organization, EnchantMutts. Kristi, knowing that a pup with this kind of medical issue couldn’t be taken on without some more assistance, contacted Good Shepherd Animal Clinic. This clinic really stood up to this challenge and offered to cover all of his medical expenses related to the broken leg. 

As you can see, many people played a role in Barley’s journey to finding his forever home. And to each and every person - from the man who spotted him wandering the streets, to the Albuquerque West Side Shelter staff and veterinarians, to EnchantMutts, especially Kristi and Martina, and to the staff and veterinarians at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic - we are forever indebted and grateful for the part you played in saving our boy's life! 

Our family has an outstanding new member of the family with Barley, and I could go on and on about how awesome our pup is, but what I think is really important for the world to know is how awesome the organization and the people of EnchantMutts are. They have a wonderful adoption process! You are able to meet the dog with his foster parent and a representative from EnchantMutts, so you can ask as many questions as you need and really get to know about the dog’s personality. This was a huge reason we even inquired about Barley. The loving summary written about him on the website confirmed to me that our family would be a perfect fit for Barley, and vice versa. The summary couldn’t have been written the way is was without someone really knowing Barley. Without knowing from a reliable source that he was good with children, cats, and other dogs we would have been more anxious to adopt. However, the EnchantMutts system made for such a smooth, confident, and easy transition to adding Barley to our family. 

Our family highly recommends adopting through EnchantMutts, or any organizations they endorse! You really know who you are bringing into your home, before you even meet the dog! I also highly recommend taking your furry loved ones to Good Shepherd Animal Clinic where they truly care for animals! 5 stars to both!!! 
Go animal resuce!!! Go Adoption!!! 
~Bryn, Leo, Casey, and Barley, and Carlisle - the cat
Sundance is a great dog. First of all, he's very sweet-natured and responsive. He's easy to hike with since he stays close without a leash. When he does need to be on a leash, he's easy to control, at least compared to other dogs I've known! He's been getting along with the cats and even has a sort of friendship with one.
Marco (formerly Waldo)
Max (formerly Dax)
Reverend Leo
Heidi (formerly Jessa)
Max actually chose his own home! Lucky boy! He found Brennan and Jake - 8 and 5 - whose energy level matches his. We did not think it was possible! With his mom and dad, his two young boys and his sister aussie Zimba, this little guy has made a wise decision! He runs every morning with mom (has actually shortened her run time), spends his days with his work at home dad learning new things and plays, plays, plays with his boys all day long and crashes with them at night. What else could this gorgeous little guy hope for? He has found his paradise. Max, with his beautiful violet eyes, has found his forever home where he will be encouraged to be all that he can be. We know Max and his ever inquisitive mind is finally where he belongs. Good Luck Max – long and happy life my friend!
By serendipity, Erin and Sam found then Leo (or Leo found them) while Erin was farm sitting for friends in Maine. Though they vowed they would not begin looking for their dog until both had moved to and settled in NM, Erin's sense of contentment with her friend's 4 dogs enticed her to search for their new best friend. She saw Leo and immediately called Sam in NM--he HAD to go look at this dog. She loved him. She wanted him for them. Sam went the next day and the prized Leo was not there. Though disappointed, he inquired about Leo and discovered that the popular pup had been moved from shelter to shelter that he would not "overstay" his welcome; he had been in the shelter for over 6 months. Sam persisted and eventually met him and knew immediately that they would love Leo and that Leo would love them. He was right. They all fell madly in love with one another. 

We are excited to learn more and more about (and from) Reverend Leo and are thankful to Animal Humane and EnchantMutts for rescuing and caring for him. We realize that without their help, persistence, and kind
hearted volunteers, we never would have been rescued by Leo. Thank you.
Sweet, sweet Heidi! You could not help but fall in love with this wonderful girl! She is now surrounded by love and her buddies WALL-E and Eddie, her mom, and her wonderful new extended family that all adore her! From certain death to finding the home of her dreams, this little girl is safe and loved in her lucky forever home. She has taught us all a lesson in knowing that even when there is no hope in sight, miracles can happen. Given even the smallest chance, these homeless animals can show such optimism and love. Heidi, you are a jewel!
Leo (formerly Roscoe)
Luther (formerly Frankie)
finn1   leo1 luther1
Our little Finn – from being dumped in a high kill shelter to finding a perfect home and being adored and loved - Finn has overcome the odds. This energetic and courageous ball of fur is living the dream of any Aussie – room to run, games to play and an adoring mom! This little guy is home. With his sparkling baby blues, this little fella now has years to grow and charm everyone he meets. Happy Days Finn!
Our friend Leo has done really well. It took about 6 weeks until we could trust him with the cats. He stayed on his leash in the house for another week or so until he graduated to free reign with cats. He gets along well with one cat especially - the one who has no fear of him (Monroe). Jefferson still doesn't like him too close and Leo has a hard time with that, but overall things are good. We just kept doing the short supervised introductions, and treats when he was quiet, and it finally payed off. 

I snapped this photo of where he likes to stay when we leave the house. I blame Logan totally. He didn't want to crate him! Quite a change from his pen I can imagine. 

He is so good with Katharine - licks her all up and down and is so gentle with her. She still calls him Roscoe sometimes.

Thank you so much for saving this big guy. You deserve more credit than we do. He is a really special dog.

From being dumped and drinking out of a thrown away coffee cup to finding his forever home, Luther is now one happy pup!! After the loss of their beloved lab girl of 12 years, the Whites just happened to be driving by and decided to stop when they saw the adoption event sign for EnchantMutts. When they approached the dogs it was like radar between them and Luther. They all knew (Luther especially) – he was THE ONE. A perfect match for this laid-back wonderful dog. He loves his new family and his very own cat buddy, Mr. B.! Luther and Mr. B. sleep side-by-side when they don’t think anyone is watching. Luther is living LARGE! It doesn't get better than this! Is this a happy boy or what? We love these happy endings! A special thank you to the staff at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic for finding this guy and taking him under their wing!
Tula Rose
Tiberius (The Tysters)
Tiberius, or what he has become known to us--The Tysters! He's quite the cat....his foster mom called him "a cat's cat" and she certainly nailed his personality! Tysters makes us laugh at all his antics....loves to jump up high and look "down" upon his subjects, loves to sit in windows and dream about going outside--yowls and yowls (I tried telling him that kitties are considered a delicacy for coyotes and he wasn't allowed outside, but he really didn't seem to care), comes running to the door when we get home to get his kitty torture (torture in the form of hugs and kisses which he acts like he hates but really he doesn't) and the cutest of all things....he sits in our bar stools at the breakfast counter and eats his most delicious "urinary" food! Like a tiny person sitting on his butt in the chair with his head on the counter eating away. Now if I could only teach him that being ON THE COUNTER is a big NO NO...I guess he has amnesia from time to time! Tysters lives with our other cat, Caleb, and our beloved Springer, Emma Jean. We're glad to have him in our home and hope to have many, many happy years in the future. 
~Brian and Lori
Roo (formerly Tessie)
sunday1   roo1 molly1
We often get to meet many wonderful dogs in our quest to save homeless animals, but Sunday will always be a special girl! Just about perfect from the get-go, this beautiful girl has found the perfect place to live and love. Pulled with her two puppies from an overcrowded shelter to now living in the lap of FUN with her mom, two kids and her new best buddy, Lyric the cat, gentle Sunday has found her forever home! This super girl will no longer go hungry or wonder who will care for her. She has found the perfect home! May all her days be filled with fun and laughter and may her smile grow forever brighter.   Perfect little Tessie has found her forever family. Tessie, now Roo, not only has a mom and pop to love her, but a young playful "sis" named Moki. Congratulations to all! Our playful, tireless, mischievous imp, Miss Molly, has found her perfect home! Molly now lives with four other dogs, two cats, three horses, mom and dad, and her very own boy!!! It was love at first sight for Molly and Daniel, and this "made for each other" pair get to grow together over the coming years. This lucky girl will grow up doing what Aussies do – work on a big ranch, chasing bunnies and squirrels, and being spoiled rotten with the rest of the critters at this homestead! Funny how an unplanned meeting leads to love at first sight and can make everything work perfectly! Go Molly go!!
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Tallula (formerly Maggie)
Hank the Cowdog (formerly Quinn)
Teddy (formerly Max)
tallula1   hank1 teddy1
With two cats Chico and Lucy already in the house, the thought of adopting a puppy was in the back of our minds, but not seriously entertained until we noticed Maggie on Petfinder. Her name has since changed to Tallula and she's fast become a member of the family. Tallula has found a forever home with us and the choice to adopt her was the right one. I know this to be true as the smile we see every time we walk her says it all! Tallula grows, teaches and learns each day and it's very rewarding to know that we've made this difference for her. Tallula is a wonderful addition to our home! 

A fabulous home for sweet, sweet Maggie! Saved in the nick of time to find her piece of paradise. Knowing homes like Tallula's are out there prompt us to save these precious souls. Thank you Ken and Jennifer for choosing this great girl! 
~ EnchantMutts
  I AM SUCH A GOOD DOG! I was left at a shelter... I’m not sure why. I was rescued from the shelter by my Auntie Kristi. She became my foster mother, took me to the Vet, introduced me to her dogs and made me feel like I was a Very Special guy. She even named me Quinn, since I’m part Aussie! The next thing I knew, I met two people who were, maybe, going to be my new Mom and Dad. They seemed okay to me, so I had a “sleepover” at their house! We all had a really good time! 

We decided that we could be a family. I have a new yard, a dog door, and some funny looking things they called “toys”. I had no idea what “stuffed animals” were... they sort of scared me! The next thing I knew, they handed me something they called “rawhide”. Since I didn’t much like it, or know what to do with it, my Mom put peanut butter on it! I didn’t know what that was either... but I sure do now! Finally, this place was seeming like a place I’d like to stay, and my new parents seemed to be real happy that I was here! We take long walks every morning. I know a quail when I hear one, and can spot a rabbit 100 yards away. I have two “cousin dogs” that I am told are Beagles. They’re really nice, but one is noisy! We love to run in their big backyard! 

My name now is Hank. I was named after a storybook character, “Hank the Cowdog”! He was the Sheriff on a ranch in Texas! I understand my Mom’s grandchildren loved Hank stories when they were little! 

Everyone tells me that I’m a “Good Looking Dog”! I’m not sure about that, but I sure feel good and so do my Mom and Dad! I guess you could say, “We’re a Success Story”!
Teddy is the smartest and mellowest dog the world has ever known. He is indescribably affectionate, intelligent, happy, and outgoing. His tail never stops wagging. The only thing he loves more than a nice long walk is to sit with his people, snuggle up to them, and be petted. He is great with other dogs and little children. We have never heard him growl or bark. He is funny and clumsy, a charming klutz. His favorite chore around the house is to pick up stray garments and move them to other rooms where he apparently thinks they must really belong. 
~Sue and Steve
Chui (formerly Quigley)
hershey1   quigley1 romeo1
    This little (soon to be big) baby boy is home. From being a throw away pup to now living life to it’s fullest with a wonderful family, Chui is safe and loved and proving his worth everyday. From romping with his three boys and dad to following mom everywhere, including work every day, this match was instant and Chui has found his forever family. This smart, thoughtful guy will be family protector and class clown. Our only question is just how big will he get?? The bigger the better as his family will love him unconditionally. Even Quito the cat has given approval. Chui has found his forever home and we know the rewards will be great!  
Bailey (formerly Reilly)
Sweet William (formerly Wii Willy)
bailey1   wii1 opal1
What I can't believe is that Bailey has so many habits that my other Bearded Collie did. It is really unbelievable - the way he rubs his body along the entire bed, the way he itches his ears, and the little moaning sound he makes when he lays down. Bailey backs up and puts his bottom on my lap and also puts his rear on the last step of the stairs. It looks really funny. He is a gem. I could not be happier! 
  Willy's foster mom called him Wii Willy, but after just one week we've updated his name to Whee Willy to honor his exuberant happy nature. Willy wakes up each morning and puts on a wild show of rolling and grunting and wiggling around in his bed in what is now called the Morning Celebration. After that he hunts down and stockpiles all the toys in the house, creating a heap of kongs, ropes, balls, and bones in his favorite spot next to the apple tree outside. He is learning the joys of human affection and delights in a good shoulder rub. It's hard to believe this dog came in off the mesa with his feral parents and litter mates. He is stunningly resilient and works hard to learn the rules, to figure out how to play with and relate to humans, and is fully committed to adoring his new dog brother Toad. He arrived with excellent manners, house-trained and using the dog door, and a gentleman on the leash. Most of all, though, he is completely eager to be a loving member of the family. A special thank you to Kristi, not just for rescuing this boy from the shelter, but for laying a beautiful foundation of trust and confidence in him that has made him a delight to bring into our family. I drove 3 hours one way to meet Opal and see if she would be a fit in our house. She was immediately fond of my dog and they both played together at the dog park. I took her home on the spot. It seems it was meant to be because she has been a joy to have around ever since. She's a little tomboy at heart and loves to race and play with her big "brother". In the summer time, she likes to sunbathe on the rocks out back. She also loves to lay on the back of the couch so she has an eagle's eye view of any action, and to keep track of the birds at the bird feeder. She is faster than light when it comes to treat time and on many occasions stole her big brother's treat before he knew what happened! She's been the source of much fun and laughter. I can't imagine a better fit for our "pack".
Pepper (formerly Phoebe)
Twice blessed, that's what we are! When we contacted EnchantMutts looking for a playmate for Jilly, our first adoption, we didn't expect another exceptional dog. You know how to pick 'em, Kristi. At 12 months old, Pepper adds an abundance of energy, a load of affection, and a pinch of the devil (says Dad), especially when it comes to the garden hoses. Pepper jumped right into our home and our hearts. When you think the love in your heart has reached its capacity, these wonderful creatures have an amazing ability to show you there is still room to grow! But this philosophy is what makes EnchantMutts so successful. All of you at EM don't just find "forever homes" for the dogs, you find "forever loves" for our families! ~Mom & Dad 

Pepper enjoys long runs around the neighborhood and morning romps just barely dampen her energy. In the evening we enjoy lying down on the floor with our pillows and blanket and having a movie night or love fest with our two dogs by our side. One thing for sure is that both of our dogs love to snuggle and both are mooches!!! ~Jake & Ian
Tex has settled in with his new mom and brother. He gets to lounge around with Niko while his mom is at work, and best of all he gets to sleep with his mom and Niko at night. What else does a kitten need to be content?
Christmas 2009 was one of great sorrow for me as just before the holidays I had to put my loved companion, Midnight, to sleep. Renal failure. This beautiful Miniature Poodle and I had been together for over fifteen years and in my sorrow I vowed I could never again share my home with another dog. 

Then, just a little over two weeks after losing Midnight, I came across an article in the Fetch section of the Albuquerque Journal. This particular issue was devoted to animal adoptions and it listed several animal rescue web sites, all containing pictures and biographies of some great canines. What harm, I thought, could there be in looking at and reading about the available dogs. After all, I had no intention of ever taking one in again, but as a dog lover I was motivated to look them over. 

Look them over I did and then on the EnchantMutts home page I came across a picture of Ollie, one of the most photogenic and energetic looking dogs I had ever seen. However, in my grieving no more dogs mood, I passed over Ollie’s photo and went on to view many other dogs appearing on the animal rescue sites. And though I was enjoying this viewing experience, I caught myself returning several times to look Ollie over again. 

You guessed it. After some pleasant negotiations with Cathy at EnchantMutts I am now the joyful owner of that beautiful one year old Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund. 

True to his Jack Russell ancestry, Ollie keeps me hopping. On his second night with me, he jumped into my bed, covered my face with kisses, slid under the covers, cuddled up to me, and now duplicates this ritual on a nightly basis. He is a quick study and has learned to fetch and drop his ball on command. He’s beginning to respond to the heel command and has caught on to such body language as putting on my jacket means we’re going outside and keys jangling prompts a fast trip out to the car. He is a tease and gets great joy out of running to the back door barking to get in, and as I start to open it he quickly spins around challenging me to catch him. My greatest surprise with him came, when after having him for no more than two weeks, I took him to the dog park. While there he ran and romped with the other dogs but would intermittently take time out to come and sit down on my bench with me. Yes, we do have fun together! 

Though I continue to have moments of grief over the loss of Midnight, I have learned by adopting Ollie I am paying tribute to that wonderful dog who taught me to love and appreciate God’s gift of canines to the human race. 
Henry David Thoreau - Henry
Juliet has found her family. She is living with two seven year old twin boys, a chihuahua and her mom and dad. According to her mom, "Juliet really is a lap cat. She even sits in the boys' laps when they are being calm". Juliet gets to sleep in the bed at night and takes up most of her mom's pillow.
We had been searching for a long time for our hearts to be filled and our family to be complete. By chance, we had to exchange some things at Target and we saw the adoption event. The minute we got out of the car, Henry quickly walked up to our sons Logan and Jackson, as happy as a dog could be. Right then we knew Henry was the one. Since the day we saw Henry, our lives have been blessed. He fits into our family like he has been with us forever. He is filled with life, energy, and love. We all have so much fun with him and he has completed our family. He is Logan's best buddy. He sleeps with him every night. Jackson giggles every time he sees Henry, and Henry doesn't mind if Jackson crawls all over him or pulls a little hair. He just sits there patiently waiting for him to be done. He is our protector, our joy, our friend. Thank you EnchantMutts, especially Kristi, for bringing Henry into our lives.
Jilly (formerly Gilly Flower)
Little Girl Bleu

About 10 years ago our dog was stolen from us, never to be seen again. With the change of two children added to our lives, as well as job changes and moving, we begrudgingly decided against another dog until our lives calmed down (yeah right, like that was ever going to happen). A few years ago our kids, Jordyn and JD, started asking for a dog. We talked and we looked, then we forgot about it until they reminded us…everyday. Well, in October of 2009 we saw Callie on the EnchantMutts website, and we all fell in love with her immediately!

Unknown is where you come from, and abuse, you have had some. 
Only open hearts and love you will find, all the rest you can leave behind. 
You now can be at ease for you will be loved and not teased.
Rest and play Callie, because you are here to stay! 
Thanks for showing us there is a new way to love.

The Wacky Weavers 
~Marcus, Robin, Jordyn, JD, and Callie


Life is great. That’s the motto in our house now. Ten months ago, our dog passed away from old age and we knew she would be a tough act to follow; however, at the Weem’s Art Festival we found EnchantMutts and the “Best of Show”, Ms. Jilly. It was love at first sight and still is! She couldn’t be a more perfect dog and fit for our family. She loves her “brothers” Jake (12) and Ian (4). What fun is a backyard full of snow if there weren’t two energetic boys to play with! Chasing the sled down the hill is an all-time favorite, as is chasing the tennis ball! Thank you, Kate, for rescuing Jilly so that she could spend the rest of her life being loved and adored! Jilly has moved into our hearts as well as our home and filled a very big gap. 
~Mom & Dad 

Jilly has been so calm and considerate. If someone is at the door, she is always there with us. She loves the dryer’s buzzer; she thinks it’s the door bell. Jilly has been the perfect dog for us! 
~Jacob & Ian
The perfect example of what patience and companionship can do is our girl Bleu. Super smart and beautiful, this little girl will never be abandoned again. From being petrified of human contact to seeking it daily (ok, hourly), Bleu now has the opportunity to grow and learn and overcome her fears. With her best buddies Shasta and Hiway, Bleu is learning what it is to be loved and cared for and is showing what a very special girl she is. Her foster mom knew when she saw her initial picture that she would be hard to give up, and now Bleu is part of the pack – waiting to greet, reassure, and train other homeless dogs that there is a forever home out there for them. If families are willing to see through the fears and issues and give an animal an opportunity, they will be gifted with unconditional love and a New Best Friend – like Bleu. They’re waiting for you.
Rosey (formerly Rowdy)
Sonny (forever Sunny)
Renny (formerly Scarlett)
It's amazing to us what a blessing our girl Rosey is in our lives. We had an Australian Shepherd for 14 years and it broke our hearts when we had to have her put to sleep. That was probably seven years ago. Then it seemed that fate intervened, the stars aligned, and I went online and found this beautiful Australian Shepherd named "Rowdy", waiting for a forever home with EnchantMutts. Once we saw her it was love at first sight and she fits perfectly into our home and lives. The name "Rowdy" just didn't fit, so she has become our "Rosey". She is just a joy, loves her walks, and jumps up past our shoulders, up and down, when we come home to her from even a short time away. We are so grateful to EnchantMutts for completing our family and opening our hearts back up. We especially want to thank Kristi and Kate - thank you SO MUCH for taking such good care of this girl. We love her and we love you. 
~Art and Jo Anne
Sonny is a lucky boy! This delightful and well mannered boy has gone to the perfect home! It was love at first sight for Sonny and Pita (his new doggie sister) and he is the perfect sleeping cushion for his feline brothers Caesar and Tiger. Sonny has the run of the house and huge yard at his new home and is quite beside himself on his good fortune. He really is turning into the perfect boy! Not only does he have dad and mom, but also two great kids who adore him as well as his canine sister and feline brothers. FULL HOUSE and loving it! SONNY's days are always SUNNY now! Andrew, Tara, Theo, and Njoki - Thanks for providing the perfect home for this lovable guy!
Scarlett first met her new mom and sibling Choco at Bark in the Park, and they all took to each other immediately. The following day, Scarlett got to meet her other potential siblings, Josh and Levi. Scarlett knew she was finally in her home. She lay down in the cool grass and smiled. She even sat in a row with her siblings and took a treat from her new mom. Scarlett’s new life is all about fun and frolic. She gets to go on long walks, play tug with her siblings, and learn new things from her mom. Bless you Little Scarlett, everyone who knows you loves you.
Jackie Love
Cesar and Tiger
Cheyenne (formerly Hannah)

Did you know?! High altitude and UV rays are significant in exacerbating an eye disease, called Pannus, that is not uncommon in the German Shepherd breed. Jackie-love (formerly just plain Jackie, but she is such a love) has this chronic, incurable disease. With New Mexico’s ever constant sun and high altitude this poor girl’s eyes probably worsened more quickly without protection and early intervention. Jackie-love was slated for euthanasia but EnchantMutts came to her rescue. We found a fabulous place where she will be doted on, receive eye medications and veterinary care, and loved forever for the precious being that she is.

EnchantMutts got Jackie Love protective eye wear – see photo of Jackie sporting Doggles™ which have 100% UV protection and can aid in keeping her eyes from disease progression. At some point, Jackie probably will become blind, but she sees well enough now to recognize her caregivers, have peppy walks, and enjoy playing with other dogs. She is in a place that will comfort her and ensure her eyesight does not stop her from enjoying the things she treasures the most – love and attention. This special dog has so much to give, loves dogs and cats alike, and has such a congenial nature, EnchantMutts could not waste a moment’s time in finding a safe place for her. She is a very happy girl now! 

My family and I are lucky to have these two little kittens. We hope to spend a lifetime together through thick and thin. They have integrated very well with our dog, Pita, who pretends to be their mother ALL THE TIME!! It is absolutely beautiful to see. My kids really enjoy them. Thank you, Enchantmutts, for your incredible love for animals. 

We are so happy with these newest members of our family. Cesar is an orange tabby and he loves to talk, eat, cuddle, and sleep in silly places. Our silver tabby, Tiger, has grown from a sickly, meek guy into a boisterous little firecracker! He is our little troublemaker who enjoys knocking over lamps & paintings, just for fun. He loves to explore and is an affectionate lap cat. 
Astro (formerly Oscar)
Gunner (formerly Kevin)
Gunner is settling happily into his new forever home. Gunner's dad needed a new dog to help "fill the hole" in his heart left by the death of one of his beloved canines. Gunner stepped into that role with gusto. Gunner and his canine sibling, Tiger, sleep with their dad, take walks with their dad, and basically get to hang out with their dad, and then they are off on an adventure like hot air ballooning! Gunner wags his tail a lot and is very friendly with everyone. Sounds like a match made in heaven.
She is Belle of the Ball now! A wonderful couple who fell in love with Belle, and she instantly with them, makes for a happy fairy-tale ending. A couple in Arizona were "shocked and amazed" at Belle's personality and intelligence when they first met her. They thought she was great with all of her wonderful qualities and beauty. At last, Belle's dream came true and she was adopted! When the couple came to pick Belle up to go home, she hopped into their car in the blink of an eye - no hesitation - she was ready! In the back seat was a beautiful big bed, a new bowl and blue teddy bear waiting to welcome her as their new "baby." Belle could not have found a better or more loving family. She didn't know then, but it was worth the wait and the heartache she endured. Belle's new mom is going to take her to the school with her frequently. And because Belle is so good and tolerant with children of all ages, her new mom will be enrolling her in a therapy dog program soon. "Once upon a time, there was a dog . . . who found her forever family. The End!"
Zoey (formerly Gilly)
Oliver (formerly Alfie)
It is hard to remember that Zoey was so quiet and docile when we first met her at Fetch-a-palooza. She has definitely come into her own as ‘Queen Zoey.’ The table on the deck is the throne from which she surveys the backyard. She plays a mean game of tug of war, knows how to ‘drop’ the ball, and has learned to open the screen door with her nose. She sleeps on or under our bed. She has brought out the puppy in her 6 year old sister, Billie, who needs the exercise. She even listens to big sister Brenda (12), who sets the rules. 

I love Zoey so much because she is so loving, caring and sweet. We will always love Zoey even if she does something wrong. The only thing that annoys me is that she barks a lot. Everything else, I love about her. She is one of the best dogs I have ever had. 
From Chaco's adopters:
"Chaco is a fantastic dog and has already adjusted beautifully to our home! He slept on our bed and he and Ken have had a terrific time wrestling and playing...no problems at all. Thank you for the great gift of this incredible dog; we love him to death and will treat him (like all of our pets) like royalty! THANK YOU!"
From Oliver's adopters:
"Abby and Oliver are doing wonderfully. They love to play tug of war and, turns out, Oliver really has the jaws for it and always wins! Abby seems to enjoy just taunting him with the rope because when they fetch Abby always gets there first, but once Oliver gets a hold of the rope he wont let go and Abby eventually gives up! They respect each other's space and we feed them on opposite sides of the room and have never had any problems with food. Most evenings after work we take the both of them on the ditches around our house and on the weekends walk them all the way up to Flying Star and have lunch with them there. This last weekend on our way back the ditches were really low and our neighbors were letting their dogs swim so we let Abby and Oliver in. Abby hated it and got right out, but Oliver was quite the water spaniel and played and played until we drug him out and immediately bathed him!! We are both so thankful for finding him! We adore having him around, and I know that Abby really does too (no matter what she tells you!). Thank you so much for letting us keep him!"
Smiley (formerly Shylee)
Jessie Jax (forever Jessie)



Walter has been with me almost a year now and is really a great companion. He has the best little personality and gets along great with everyone. He loves to play fetch and just cannot seem to get enough exercise. I walk him about 2 to  2 1/2 miles, 3 - 5 times a week, but he would definitely go more!
Shylee was a shy, misunderstood girl in the shelter, but once she was "sprung" from the shelter into a foster home, she blossomed into a goofy, loving dog. She caught the eye of a "big dog" loving family near Santa Fe who had recently lost a Newfoundland. The only question was could Shylee adjust to a house full of cats? With her new canine sister "Asia" to guide her, Shylee learned to coexist with her large feline family and continued to gain confidence and weight under the loving care of her new owners. 

Shylee, now "Smilee", is a happy dog. She went in for her vet check and shots last week and is now 83 pounds. She loves her house-mates. She listens when we call around 7:30 every morning, when we head out for our morning walk. Smilee is free to run, and she does, bounding over the bushes and laying in wait for Asia, who is on a leash. Then a quick prance, lots of noise, and a new dash. I put her on a leash for the walk home so Asia can get her run in as well. Can't let them both off leash at once as Asia will "lead her astray" and they take an hour to show up at the house, so she is an indoor dog except for the morning and evening runs. Smilee gets along with everyone and likes to steal the cat toys. Basically she is a very happy dog who sleeps on her very large pillow at the foot of our bed. 
~Walt and Isolde

Jessie Jack’s past is a mystery – he was a stray (thin, tattered, stressed and trusted no one) and went from shelter to shelter. Because he was so beautiful and a pure Australian Shepherd, no one wanted to put him down – but he did not bond with anyone and his time was running out. He was always searching for the family we think abandoned him. A great couple fell in love with him (they could see what he could be) adopted him and took him home, but he would not stay in the yard and concern for his safety prompted them to ask EnchantMutts to find a home for him. Giving Jessie time to know that he was safe and loved was the missing link and he began to accept a new life.

Our mischievous Jess now lives with a great family in the mountains and has bonded completely with his new family (including the two family cats). He lives for his walks with his dad and protects his work at home mom all day (and watches the daughter’s boyfriends very closely . . .). He now lives for his new family and will remain forever at their side – loyal to the end – protecting his own (and enjoying lots of love and attention doing it!).

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