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"Age is but a number." George Burns

At EnchantMutts we love our seniors. Seniors can be from 7 years and older. Often when visiting shelters to save dogs – we have been known to scoop up a senior who we know will never make it out of the shelter alive. Whether they were dumped at the shelter or picked up as strays - we believe all dogs deserve a home – we believe that senior’s lives matter and they should live out their days as cherished and valued family members – not kicked to the curb when they need medical care or extra care. We know it takes a VERY SPECIAL adopter to take in a senior dog so we know that when we scoop up that dog – he or she will very likely remain in our care until he or she crosses the rainbow bridge. And we are just fine with that and we will be there with them when they go - holding them gently and letting them know they matter.

On the bright side - much like fine wine, dogs age well. The bouncing out-of-control puppy, the sometimes testy adolescent and the enthusiastic adult give way to a sweet and mellow kind of dignity by the time a dog turns eight years of age or so. That maturity and other pluses are obvious to those who have had the privilege of living with and loving dogs since puppyhood. Below are several reasons why adopting a senior dog offers plenty of advantages over adopting his younger counterpart:

• He is probably house trained…
• He won’t destroy your possessions…
• He will know when to leave you alone…
• He will pay attention…
• He will appreciate you…
• He knows what NO means…
• He can focus well…
• He is grateful for the second chance…
• What you see is what you get…
• Most importantly – he will teach you what really matters.

We have had many seniors live out their lives in EnchantMutt’s care – whether that is a few days, a few months or a year plus – we would not change the fact that they ended their lives as an EnchantMutt. In the end, they have given us much more than we gave them. Peace and joy come with a senior dog and the softness of knowing you have made a difference in a life is priceless. So – when you see that senior dog looking for its final home – open your eyes – realize what really matters and enjoy the benefits they will bring to you and yours in your home. It will warm your heart and bring a personal satisfaction that very few things or actions can bring.

Seniors Rock!

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We believe every dog deserves a loving home. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who work hard to save lives. 

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