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Meet WHIMSY - this little Westie girl came to us with a fractured leg. She has completed her rehab and she is ready to find her forever home. She was great for her rehab and took it all in stride and is so very pleased to finally have freedom! We are so pleased that she has healed splendedly and gotten the FULL STEAM AHEAD from her veterinarian - no restrictions and her healing is complete - awww... the benefits of youth!

Whimsy weighs in at a whopping 14 pounds and with that 14 pounds comes about 100 lbs in attitude. She will stay under 18 lbs or so as she matures, unless her forever family is heavy on people treats - for which she will wantonly beg them for. Typical westie for sure! WHIMSY was born about December 2022 and we don't know her initial story - we only know that she is now a happy, healthy, energetic girl. She is packed with personality and is agile as all get-out now that she is out of her cast. She truly is able to catch a fly (or ten) in mid-air and zooms everywhere!

We suspect WHIMSY is a purebred West Highland White and we always suggest you read up on the breed and have some experience with them. They are incredibly bright and tenacious and also playful, assertive, alert, very affectionate and nosy. WHIMSY still needs a lot of training, she is curious and eager to please but occasionally thinks she knows best and sometimes commands are mere suggestions but she retains everything. In true Westie fashion, Whimsy is a hunter and she will protect her yard from all manner of little creatures - including no-see-ums, leaf ninja's and garden fairies. She will certainly let you know when monsters appear. She is a Westie - it's what they do.

WHIMSY is still a puppy and has the typical Westie energy and stamina to keep her family amused... all day long. She loves her toys and enjoys a chew bone. She is fabulous with the other dogs in the house (all of who are bigger then she) and is always right in the thick of things and you understand that if you are familiar with her breed. She would like a playful canine friend in the house or a family that works from home or is retired and take their dogs everywhere with them. She really is a socialite at heart and takes her "ohs and ahs" as her just due.

She is crate trained and house trained with a doggy door and she does great with all people but tiny people would not be a good match as she moves at the speed of light and might be confused for Casper the Ghost.... which will send shivers down the spines of the wee ones - so dog savvy kids over 10 please. She does have the double fur coat with minimal shedding but will require regular grooming.

If you are looking for a couch potato – swipe left… if you are looking for a challenge, love terriers and enjoy a game of "Who really is the Boss?" – please complete an application (at the adoption process button above) and submit to info@enchantmutts.org. Let us know why you think WHIMSY might be a fit for your family – we’ll see if she agrees.

Sorry - WHIMSY WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.





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