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This gorgeous boy was part of a breeder dump rescued by EnchantMutts early 2023. Of the six purebred aussies dumped - four made very fast turnarounds (have to love those aussies!) and have found their forever homes with wonderful families. OSKAR and CRICKET both have taken more time getting acclimated to a normal home and to feel safe. They spent much of their time in crates and were used for breeding with little human contact. But those days are over and they are getting the hang of being dogs. OSKAR has survived being dumped in the middle of nowhere and a pretty crappy life before that - so all is uphill from here!

OSKAR is a mini Australian Shepherd and weighs in at 32 lbs. We estimate him to be born mid-2022 so still a young pup learning all there is to know - he never really had a "childhood". He is a blue merle with piercing blue eyes and has stunning markings.

OSKAR is looking for a family that is patient and understanding of the fact that he had an awful start to life and is just starting to learn how to dog. He is very sweet, loves to sneak up for some cuddles and pets and has never shown any aggression. His favorite pastime is to play with the other dogs - all of them - all at once or one at a time - PLAY - PLAY - PLAY! He and RIOT (also available for adoption) have paired off like Romero and Juliette but with a much better ending. OSKAR doesn't bark - he "Woo Woos" perhaps he is finding his voice and doesn't quite know how to use it yet - ha!

OSKAR is not a dog for a family with kids because kids have friends. Friends come over to the house and OSKAR won't know they aren't tiny orcs come to kill everyone in the house and will fear for his life - this is a project dog and his exposure to new things will take time and patience. OSKAR still needs lots of training - he is incredibly smart but he has to trust before he gives his all and there will be bumps along the road.OSKAR is not trustworthy off leash but he is getting the hang of walking on one - he loves walks! He will try to convince you he doesn't need to be on a leash, but don't fall for it - kind of like me guarding the last of the chips and salsa. ⠀

OSKAR is house trained with a doggy door and is crated trained. Due to his age and his love of all things that resemble dental chews - he is crated while his foster is out of the house for short durations. He adores his toys and especially the chew bones and has a place where he takes them all in the back yard (yes - every toy in the house) - he calls it his secret garden - we call it the back 40. He is still building his trust and we know in time, he will be a great companion for a lucky person or family. He MUST have another dog in the house (or two) and hopefully one that will play with him and show him the way to become THE GOOD BOY he can be.

OSKAR is current on his vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, been wormed, micro chipped and neutered. He is house trained with a dog door, crate trained, gets along great with other dogs and again - he NEEDS to have another canine companion in his forever home. Cats are an unknown and we are thinking perhaps not a good thing for OSKAR.

OSKAR is a project dog - no two ways about it. But we know he has HUGE potential. He will never be the dog that greets guests at the front door and shows them where the keg is, but he does have a great sense of humor and will WOO WOO his way into a heart or two and when he connects - he connects. If you think you can give this boy the moon and stand by him, and have experience with working dogs, please complete an application (at the adoption process button above) and submit to info@enchantmutts.org

Sorry - OSKAR WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

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Guest appearance by HAZEL (left) one of his BFFs



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