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Meet ELLIE MAE - this sweet girl was dumped along with her entire family (six aussies) in a remote area. What we call a breeder dump - they were done with their back yard breeding stupidity so dumped them all together. Karma is on the move we hope.

ELLIE MAE is a purebred Mini Australian Shepherd and is the sweetest red tri girl. Roughly two to three years old, she weighs in at 29 lbs and could possibly lose a couple pounds and will once she finds her forever active family!

Initially shy - ELLIE has moved forward in leaps and bounds and adores people once she has a soft introduction to them. She might initially be shy when meeting new people for a long time, but after the first treat or two - they will have won her over. She will never desert anyone she bonds to and needs a family that understands that and spends lots of time with their dogs and considers them family. ELLIE has probably not known what a good home is (until now) but she has maintained her positive outlook nonetheless. We have so much to learn from these wonderful creatures. Her biggest goal is to have people of her very own that will love her as she loves them.

ELLIE is a perfect companion for the right family – completely content doing whatever her people want to do… a walk around the block (or a run - she does have some energy!), a bit of sunning and gardening or just hanging out with a glass of wine and a good movie. She has no need to run marathons or prove anything to anyone but her family and she will prove her love everyday. She is kind, generous, attentive and appreciative. Sometimes she will look softly at her foster and you can see in her eyes she is so very grateful – she is incredibly sweet. ELLIE MAE will give you her total devotion once she bonds and she will always stay close.

ELLIE is very smart and though we suspect these aussies were crated for long periods of time and had very little people interaction - they are all sweet and eager to learn new things. ELLIE is proof that dogs are willing to forgive and move on to better things. She is learning what toys are and enjoys her benebones and marrow bones. She is learning how to walk well on a leash (not that she would ever leave her person) and has some basic commands down. ELLIE's forever family should be willing to continue her training - she is a very fast learner and so willing to learn - very motivated.

ELLIE gets along good with the other dogs in her foster home (especially those her size and larger) but doesn’t need other dogs to complete her life – only her people. She is housetrained with a doggy door. She will bask in the sun or enjoy a comfy doggie bed but mostly – she wants to just be with her family and will follow them about - she is a shadow for sure so her new family will likely need eyes in the back of their heads or the balance of a gymnast. We would like ELLIE to find a home which is familiar with working dogs.

ELLIE MAE is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention, wormed, micro chipped and spayed. She is house trained with a dog door, crate trained, gets along good with other dogs - though she prefers ones her size or bigger or she gets a bit bossy, and bonus - this pretty girl does well with dog savvy cats - always with the right introductions of course.

Sorry - ELLIE MAE WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.

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Ellie Mae on the left - Oskar on the right

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