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Meet Happy ASHER aka ASH! This boy got an extra helping of “happy” at birth and he is loving life. Ash's DOB is roughly around February 2023 and he is a very handsome boy with a beautiful patterned blue merle coat (rough) and he is also a lot of Border collie (with perhaps a touch of aussie) – which means behind those pretty drop dead gorgeous, intelligent eyes – lies a sharp brain and potential families need to be aware of that and appreciate it. Truth be told - he is also a BIG Goofball and fun and games will always win out over playing with a Rubik's Cube.

ASH currently weighs in at 50 lbs and right now he will consume everything in his path - so his ability to keep floors spotless is pretty good. Ash is crate trained (though he will complain on occasion) and house trained with a doggy door and getting the basics down. He still has lots to learn and he expects his family to be able to help him along. He will make an excellent hiking partner and will be loyal to the end.

ASH is a working breed and thinks he is a standup comedian – which means he will follow you everywhere and tell you every joke he knows (his knock-knock ones are pretty good). Though he does great with all people, tiny people would have to be able to handle an exuberant dog that will not only trip over his own feet at this stage, but also over tiny people. We prefer tiny people over ten that are used to lots of energy in the house and have doggy training. ASH has met cats and is interested and because of his personality - we suspect with the right introductions he will be fine.

ASH is still a puppy and he is an active boy and if you don’t have a large fenced in yard and/or hike everyday – you need a lazier breed. Though ASH has great energy - he also has a good OFF switch and has learned the fine art of couch potato'ing. Part of his comedic repertoire is his many potato'ing positions; downward dog, belly-up, laundry lotus and our personal favorite - peek-a-boo! Like most working dogs – ASH is always ready to rumble. He is a funny boy and loves being the center of attention and he also loves his pack and will certainly need a furry companion or two in his forever home and at least one who is able to stand up to his games. He gets along with everyone and loves to play – with or without toys and his favorite play is a good rough and tumble or game of chase with another canine friend his size – or two. He plays a great game of keep-away and though he is still in his gawky teens - one day he is going to grow into his feet and then playmate beware! ASH is able to leap small buildings in a single bound (Lego buildings) and his gymnastic attempts are pretty hysterical to watch (see above for gawkiness). He is also appropriate with the dogs who don’t want to play and tell him no but his preference is a play buddy who is ready to rumble at any given time.

ASH is incredibly sweet, smart and very eager to please – and very easy to train. He will need a family that will continue his training and that are familiar with working breeds. He picks up things quickly and is quite smug when he gets things right. He has bonded quickly with his fosters and his personality is very endearing - just a great all around guy so to speak. He adores people and you can always find him at his foster’s feet (unless he is playing but he will come in to check in frequently). He does love going for car rides and is quite a happy traveler. He is a social young boy and quite the show stopper... and best of all - he always has a smile on his face.

ASH is up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, wormed, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative. He is a healthy boy who is in great shape with some more growing to do.

ASH's adoption fee is $300.00 and this includes his sense of humor, pretty eyes and great smile (and all his medical needs). If you think you are ready for an active rascal and want to be considered as ASH’s forever family - please follow our adoption process on our website (at the link above). Completed applications should be sent to info@enchantmutts.org.

Sorry - ASH WILL NOT be adopted out of the state of New Mexico.





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